2 Bed 2 Bath Condo for Rent Cuyahoga Falls, OH

2 Bed 2 Bath Condo for Rent Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Are you just starting out or looking for a change and are in the market for a 2 bed 2 bath condo for rent in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio? Sponsored by the Crucible Development Corporation, this beautiful Brookledge Commons condo is just the right size for a young couple, retired couple or for anyone who just wants a change of scenery. The Crucible Development Company are the same people who have the 12 East Exchange building in Akron and would love to offer you a place that is welcoming and safe. The condo is part of a community who not only share a pool and clubhouse but also a fitness center as well. And the location is close to shopping and restaurants. Make new friends in the community or take old ones out and see what the town has to offer. Minutes away from Akron and near the heart of Cuyahoga Falls, this condo is one that you and your family can rely on and have fun with.

The condo offers: Living Room, Appliances, Carpet, Central Air, Vaulted Ceiling, Washer Dryer hookups, Cable, Attached Garage, Storage Unit. $950 + Gas-Electric-Water. Plus you get access to the wonderful Brookledge Commons Club House, Pool, Fitness Center, and Laundry Room amenities. You get all this with the feeling of security being in a community that cares about each other and for an affordable price. Whether you are old or young, married or single, the condo at Brookledge Commons could be just the right fit for you.

By going on the 12 East Exchange website, you can find the link for 2 bed 2 bath condo for rent Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. You can also contact them by phone at (330) 643-0757. They want to rent to the best person possible and that person could be you. By going online you will be able to look at pictures of the property where you will find a clean and cozy atmosphere. You can also email Crucible Development Company as well. Tell them you are interested in the condo for rent and have them make your goals turn into a reality. Not ready to commit to buying a home just yet or maybe you want to downsize? The condo at Brookledge Commons is perfect for you. Renting has never been easier. Park your car in the attached garage when you get home from work and take a dip in the pool to relax. Come be a part of the community. You won’t be sorry you did.