2400 Sq Ft Office Space for Lease Akron, OH

Wanting more room for your business and are looking for a great location? Well the 12 East Exchange office building has a 2400 sq st office space for lease in Akron, Ohio. You get the advantage of being in downtown Akron where many other businesses are and the building was just newly renovated so you can get a space that is updated and will be better fit for your business needs. Whether your business is just starting out, you need more space, or you need a change of pace, the sixth floor of the 12 East Exchange building could be the perfect fit for your company or business.

The office space comes with a total 2,400 sq. ft. and includes:

  • 6 offices,
  • Lobby,
  • Receptionist Area,
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchenette,
  • Private Bathroom
  • After hours access with electronic fob security system
  • Lobby/entrance security cameras accessible by tenant
  • Each floor has an independent elevator lock-off system
  • Each floor has an independent heating/air conditioning system

Parking includes on site pay parking in a gated surface lot to ensure safety. Customers and clients of the tenant park in the surface lot for free. There is also a restaurant on the first floor to take clients, grab a quick bite yourself or treat the whole floor. 12 East Exchange wants to make sure you have the best facilities possible to conduct your business and what better place to conduct your business than in their office building. You will have easy access to a community of businesses that want to make a difference just like yours. Success needs community and networking and that is one thing Akron has. One-half of Ohio’s Fortune 500 companies are in the Cleveland – Akron area with more than 150 Fortune 500 companies having facilities in Greater Akron. By having a your office in downtown Akron, you are upping your potential for success greatly.

The 12 East Exchange building is owned by the Crucible Development Corporation. It was originally built in 1919 by the Akron Canton and Youngstown Railroad Company and it was the tallest building in Akron at the time. The unique history of the building, sturdy foundation, and finely crafted architecture gives the building a stand-out look. You can even see the AC&Y Railroad Company sign over the facade of the building when you enter. It’s a building with history and it’s a building with potential for your business. Your office plans can be changed to fit your needs or style. Maybe you don’t need the whole floor or maybe you want multiple floors? No problem. The 12 East Exchange building can help you accommodate any need you have. They have flexible floor options and people willing to help make your success continue to increase. For a 2400 sq ft office space for lease in Akron, Ohio, the possibilities are endless. With a safe location and people who will encourage your business to grow, the East Exchange building is the ideal place to start thriving.


Go online to their website by clicking the link in this post and you can see pictures of their wonderful office space. You can also give the Crucible Development Corporation a call at (330) 643-0757 and talk to them about leasing their office space on the 6th floor of the 12 East Exchange building. Or send an email to let them know your business is interested. The heart of downtown Akron could gain another heart beat and that could be your business. With the heavy foot traffic and over 21,000 other businesses and restaurants, come be a part of the city that has won the All-American City Award twice.  Let your business impact the community and let it touch other parts of the world. The only limits are the limits you put upon yourself. Give your business the best possible chance to succeed with the office space for lease at the East Exchange building.