8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

When you think of rubber, you probably think of rubber bands, tires, or pencil erasers. But this stretchy material can be found in places that might surprise you—everything from stamps and waterproof shoes to surfing wetsuits, and dishwasher hoses. Rubber, a manufacturing material in use for over 1000 years, once came entirely from natural sources; now rubber products can be made synthetically in abundance. Read more to explore some surprising places you might find this familiar material.

Surf’s up on Rubber Gear

A material you may be familiar with if you’ve ever tried to or wanted to try to catch a wave is Neoprene. Commonly used in the wetsuits worn by surfers, recreational snorkeling and spearfishing. Neoprene helps regulate body temperature in cold waters and is engineered for performance no matter what the ocean throws at you. This Rubber material is a perfect combination of stretch and durability. Plus it can come in a variety of colors for style that’s built to last.

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

The doors on your Washing Machine

Whenever you’re doing laundry, you’re able to trust that the water won’t leak out of your front loading washing machine. The rubber seal helps keep out leaks, lower vibration and ease up on the slamming noise when you shut the door. This feature is easy to clean, all you have to do is run the tub cleaning feature on most models. A helpful tip next time you run a load, take a moment to inspect your rubber seal and make sure it’s not gathering mold, Running a routine cleaning can prevent this in the future!

Rubber Pond Liners

From sealing leaks in your home to lining a man made pond, rubber makes an excellent barrier against leaks in all kinds of environments. Liners made from synthetic rubbers are much more flexible and durable than liners made from plastics. They’re great for a variety of projects such as recreational ponds and reservoirs. These will require field seaming several large sheets with a two-step process, but will guarantee excellent and secure lining that will last for decades.

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

Environmentally Conscious Ear Plugs

Commonly used foam disposable earplugs are everywhere, and our landfills are full of them. Using Silicone earplugs made of our new favorite material is an easy, comfortable way to block out extra noise without the impact on landfills and the earth. Some earplugs will mold to the shape of your canal with rubber’s flexibility, and all can be easily cleaned with soap and non-chlorinated water.

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

Rain Coats and Other Waterproof Apparel

Whether you’re working or playing, you no longer have to be a slave to the weather. If you’re on the job or trying to get in that morning run, rain doesn’t have to stop you from getting the most out of your day if you’re rocking some Rubber apparel. Not to mention that the style can be easily conformed to whatever you need with this unique material’s flexible nature.

Dive Deep with Scuba Gear

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

From masks, fins and dry suits to protection for underwater navigation, Rubber is a necessity for scuba diving. Scuba gear is a critical topic for divers, from considering the best scuba gear to buy to how easy it is to maintain, when you’re going deep underwater it has to work in some very harsh conditions. Divers count on rubber in almost all of their everyday gear because of its flexibility, durability and unparalleled ability to protect against leaks. There really is no substitute for rubber when the pressure is on.

Safety and First at the Playground

Even the most perfect day at the park can become a nightmare if your child slips and falls on hard concrete. Rubber mats let children climb high heights without worrying about painful injuries. Plus it can be a great way to teach kids about sustainability early when you build playgrounds from recycled materials.

8 Uses for Rubber you Might Not Know Existed

Getting Blood Pumping with Artificial Hearts

In addition to other metal, plastic and animal assemblies, rubber is a part of the artificial hearts that can keep patients alive longer while waiting for transplants. The American Heart Association tracks statistics on heart disease based on prevalence and morbidity among other factors. The numbers unfortunately show that the need for these life-saving tools is not slowing down any time soon. Every material has to be certified to the highest standards, and the rubber used is no exception.

Who are the Industry Leaders in Rubber Molding?

Qualiform Rubber Molding

With more than 40 years of rubber manufacturing experience, Qualiform leads the other rubber molding companies with quality you can trust. They take the time to understand your specific application and recommend the best materials, for the environment the rubber extrusion will be used.  Their technical experts are available to consult on the ideal profile design for the application.  they can also make recommendations regarding the best sealing, insulating, impact or sound absorption, wear resistance and other characteristics that will impact the performance of the product.

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