6 Skills You Need for ACLS Certification Cleveland Ohio

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ADVAN Design is proud to work with the Premier Health & Safety Academy, a leading provider of ACLS Certification Cleveland Ohio and other health certification classes. PHSA and ADVAN work together so these classes can be more easily accessed by the people who need them.
While the academy’s medical professionals teach valuable skills to their students, ADVAN Design gives PHSA the digital marketing tools it needs to succeed. Our advanced digital marketing services and strategies allow the Premier Health & Safety Academy to more effectively compete in an expansive online marketplace and reach a larger audience of customers.
If you are interested in ACLS certification Cleveland Ohio, the Premier Health & Safety Academy can teach you the skills you need. With professionally instructed classes in a wide variety of medical areas, their training center is equipped to provide proper medical education. As a result, you can learn all the skills you need to become a reliable medical professional.

6 Skills You Need for ACLS Certification Cleveland Ohio

The Premier Health & Safety Academy ACLS certification course is an advanced health safety classes. This class uses a multifaceted approach to teaching prospective medical professionals about how to perform medical treatments. Here are 6 skills you will learn in PHSA’s ACLS Certification Cleveland Ohio course:

  1. Intervention of Cardiopulmonary Arrest
  2. Systems of Care
  3. Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Response
  4. Stroke Response
  5. Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndromes
  6. Team Dynamics and Communication

The Premier Health & Safety Academy will teach you all the skills you need, so you can become a certified ACLS professional.

Other Academy Courses

EMT-B classes

This class is an EMT basic course that teaches aspiring medical workers the necessary skills to become lifesaving professionals. In fact, many students who participate in this course will continue to receive their EMT certification. Successful students also become eligible to sit in for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. This exam is a requirement for receiving state certification as an EMT.

EMT-B students will learn many crucial medical skills in addition to basic life support skills. This class will push students to succeed in didactic and clinical areas of beginner EMT skills. Skills you will learn in this course include the Stabilization of non-life-threatening Situations, Trauma Assessment and Management, Airway Control, Immobilization, and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Operation.

American Heart Association CPR Certification Course

If you want to learn CPR in Ohio, the Premier Health & Safety Academy’s CPR class will teach you the techniques you need with a professional CPR instructor. As a result, you will learn how to perform effective resuscitation in a safe manner.

BLS Certification Course

BLS is short for basic life support. This course teaches you single-rescuer and basic life support skills for both in-facility and pre-hospital emergency situations. This is also a great course for CPR students, as it helps hone your lifesaving skills even further.

PALS Certification Course

PALS courses focus on life support in pediatric health emergencies. This class consists of educational training videos and pediatric emergency simulations. In fact, you will learn many valuable skills including pediatric assessment, effective resuscitation, team dynamics, and PALS treatment algorithms.

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If you are looking to earn ACLS certification Cleveland Ohio, sign up for a course at the Premier Health & Safety Academy today! Learn more about the Premier Health & Safety Academy on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.
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