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Walk over to your front door. Now, open it, step outside, and take a breath of fresh air. Without even realizing it, you just benefited from rubber products. Now, go to your car, open the driver’s side door, and take a seat. Once again, you are using rubber products in everyday tasks.

These small parts and components make up so much of our belongings and tools at home and at the workplace. Rubber is an exceptionally strong and versatile material, so it is only natural that we would use it as much as we can. In fact, the demand for custom rubber products increases with each passing day.

This is where Qualiform Rubber Molding comes in. Qualiform is a developer of custom rubber products offering a full range of rubber molding and extrusion services. They have developed high-quality components for countless clients in a wide range of industries. From agriculture to aerospace, Qualiform delivers custom rubber component solutions to meet the quality and performance standards of any application.

Qualiform uses their 40 years of industry experience to optimize processes like rubber to metal bonding and rubber extrusion. This allows them to maintain the highest levels of precision and uniformity for every project while offering the quickest possible lead times with competitive pricing.

Making Rubber Stronger with Rubber to Metal Bonding

It bears repeating that rubber is a uniquely strong and adaptable material, but that does not mean it is the strongest material at our disposal. There are numerous different compounds that offer their own sets of properties and advantages. However, all of these compounds have their limits.

So, how do we maximize the strength of these products without switching materials entirely? We use rubber to metal bonding. Rubber to metal bonding is exactly what it sounds like. This process combines metal and rubber to enhance the properties of both materials.

Rubber parts bonded to metal from QualiformIn a way, this process gives the rubber a metal skeleton while giving the metal a flexible, resistant outer shell. When a qualified rubber products manufacturer like Qualiform bonds these materials together, they become significantly stronger than the sum of their parts.

Rubber to metal bonded parts are particularly useful in high-impact applications like aircraft construction. Aircraft components are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures on a regular basis, especially during takeoff and landing. Without rubber to metal bonding, many components would break down during the intense vibrations and temperatures produced in these environments. With Qualiform, these parts can take a serious beating and continue to offer optimal performance.

Rubber Extrusions: Glazing, Gaskets, and Seals

Rubber extrusions are another Qualiform specialty. Extrusion is a unique rubber forming process that shapes rubber by pushing it through a machine die. The die is formed with a specific cross-section in mind, so the rubber comes through the other side of the process in the desired configuration for any given project. This makes them one of the most customizable rubber products.

The versatility of extrusion extends throughout numerous industries. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses often use extrusions as rubber sheets, rollers, and rods that absorb sound and vibration from their machinery. These products are also useful in the home in household appliances, rubber trim, weather-stripping, floor mats, and more.

Rubber extrusion profiles from Qualiform's rubber productsSome other common places will find rubber extrusions include cars, bicycles, and pencil racers, but they often occupy more advanced applications as well. Much like rubber to metal bonded parts, rubber extrusions are used in the construction of complex machinery like aircraft and submarines. For all these applications, extrusions are most useful for preventing leaks in the form of rubber window glazing, gaskets, and seals.

Qualiform can adapt their rubber extrusion process to produce virtually any size or shape for your glazing, gaskets, and seals. Window glazing prevents air, water, and heat from escaping through windows, so they are perfect for minimizing energy consumption in homes and businesses. Other custom seals and gaskets can be used for a variety of applications to ensure machinery runs properly. Whether it is maintaining air pressure in an airplane or preventing water from spilling into a submarine, extrusions are the ideal sealing solution.

A Full Selection of High-Quality Rubber Compounds

When you work with a rubber products distributor like Qualiform, you also gain access to a comprehensive selection of the highest quality rubber compounds on the market. Material selection is a critical step in rubber component development because it dictates how well the final product will perform in your application. But how do you know which compound is the right choice?

Many rubber materials overlap in terms of properties, strengths, and weaknesses, so it can be confusing to try and pick a compound from such an extensive list as Qualiform’s. Let’s say you choose Synthetic rubber, a versatile rubber with resistance to impacts, abrasions, water, and extreme temperatures. Initially, this sounds like a fine choice, but if it turns out your application involves acids, oils, gats, greases, or ozone exposure, your rubber products will degrade quickly.

With Qualiform, you have a team of rubber molding experts to handle the confusing details for you. They will use the information you have about your application and industry to provide recommendations on material selection, so you do not have to worry about whether you chose correctly.

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If you have been searching for a reliable manufacturer of rubber products, consider working with Qualiform Rubber Molding. As an industry leader in rubber molding, Qualiform applies their many years of experience to develop custom solutions for any application you can imagine. Their staff of qualified rubber products designers will develop prototypes until they get it right. Then they can walk you through every step of their rubber molding processes to ensure they meet your requirements along the way.

Another advantage of choosing Qualiform is getting to work with a rubber manufacturer that operates on a 3-shift/24-hour schedule. Their team works around the clock, so they can offer the quickest production possible with competitive pricing that fits within your budget.

Not sure what rubber products or services you need? Contact Qualiform today and speak with a rubber molding expert who can answer your questions and give you a headstart on your next project. Visit today.