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A folded piece of Wenco MEX's Rubber Protective Linings.

Rubber Protective Linings | Wenco Mining Products

The use of rubber protective linings at a mining site is essential for productivity. Wenco MEX specializes in the design and manufacturing of rubber linings and many other mining products. They offer a large selection of mining tools; however, Wenguard rubber protective linings are a highly requested item. Wenguard contains silica-reinforced rubber that protects it against substantial impacts and abrasions. It is also highly flexible and can move various types of materials, keeping its strength even in the roughest conditions. Furthermore, its elasticity and sealing characteristics provide reliability for any mining operation. The Wenguard rubber lining has the versatility and strength to increase efficiency and productivity to a significant degree.

About the Wenco MEX Process

Reliable customer support has become a staple of Wenco MEX, during their time in the mining industry. When working with their clients, they have the goal of making a product that will fulfill all of their expectations. Wenco takes time to improvise with their products in order to provide a product that works for every unique client. Technological changes can be made at almost any time, and Wenco MEX will work to exceed expectations. The custom engineered products Wenco manufactures consistently show improved productivity in the field. Furthermore, the Wenco MEX team works diligently to further increase efficiency in their products.

An experienced team designs and manufactures all Wenco products, supplying customers with high quality custom-designed products. With extensive years of combined experience, they have the intuition to see the changes in the constantly shifting market. This team has created countless business opportunities for Wenco MEX by consistently innovating with products to offer to an growing customer base.

Any mining operation searching for durable rubber protective linings should contact Wenco MEX. The can engineer the product that will fulfill your specific needs.