Transform Your Garage Into An Outstanding Showroom

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Turn Your Garage Into a Showroom With a Striking Epoxy Garage Floor

Whether that luxury convertible commercial is has sparked a new vision, or you’ve grown a little jealous of a friend’s garage, epoxy garage flooring can help you bring your vision into reality and turn your garage into a showroom. The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in any home, and to maximize its full potential, you need more than a damaged concrete floor.

Whether you’re into restoring classic cars, have a plan for a nice motorcycle repair space or just want a nice-looking and functional space, the right garage floor can be transformative.  An epoxy garage floor coating creates a durable surface and a distinct look to your space.

If you’re thinking about DIY options or a natural stone flooring, it’s time to think again. Epoxy flooring is not only functional, but creates an  ideal aesthetic. See below to learn about some of the advantages of adding an epoxy garage floor coating to your space.

turn your garage into a showroom

Why Should You Invest In An Epoxy Garage Floor?

A garage floor takes impact every single day. Foot traffic, automotive fluids and dropped objects all make impacts, and the effects accumulate. As a regular concrete floor undergoes more stress, the results often damage  the look of your space. Ohio homeowners in particular know the frustration that comes with the buildup of road salt on concrete garage floors. They also know the inconvenience that comes with the buildup of mold and mildew in garages and basements after heavy rains.

An epoxy garage floor coating not only resists these stresses, but also accommodates a wide range of custom colors, finishes and patterns and stands up to the unpredictable Midwestern weather. So not only are you investing in durability, but you can also choose from an extensive range of color flake options, metallic-look floors and coating additives to turn your garage into a showroom.

Epoxy garage floor coatings are also easy to clean.  To keep an epoxy floor in top shape, just sweep the surface once per week and use a mop and a mild cleaning solution to clean minor spills.

However, you can only gain the full benefits of an epoxy floor with professional installation. Yes, DIY epoxy kits may seem convenient, but commercially available materials tend to degrade easily and end up creating significant repair costs in the long run.

Upgrading Your Storage Capacity and Adding Detail

Want to show off bright colors or the metallic look of a new epoxy garage floor? By keeping your space organized, you can easily showcase your new floor. Adding new cabinets and other storage solutions can also add a fresh element to your space.

To achieve the auto showroom atmosphere, consider red tool storage solutions with chrome fixtures. Need to move bikes out of the way and show off the new surface? Install ceiling hooks to keep bicycles up high and out of the way to give your new floor the attention it deserves.

Once you have a storage setup that works for you, for a real showroom effect, get creative with your remaining wall space. Consider adding custom decals, old license plates, tin logo signs or other details.

turn your garage into a showroom

Selecting the Right Color and Adding a Distinct Element to Your Space

Whether you want to complement the color of a vintage muscle car, match an automotive or floor logo or just enhance the existing look of your home, your choice in floor color determines the atmosphere of your space. To select the right color for your  floor, it is important to consider the lighting in your space, and how and when debris may build up.

While a striking metallic blue or red-colored floor may seem like a good first choice for your garage transformation, you want to consider going with a neutral shade if you have vehicles coming in and out often.

In spaces where lighting is poor or otherwise limited, light-colored floors are often ideal, while darker colors can work under most lighting conditions. You should also be mindful that dirt and other particles can build up easily and visibly against light-colored surfaces. Think about how often you will be willing and able to clean your new garage floor when you choose the coating color

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Count on the Installation Team From Ohio Garage Interiors to Help You Make Your Transformation

Where a regular concrete floor limits your vision for your space, an epoxy garage floor coating turns your garage into a showroom. With the right surface color and finish, you can create a space that’s your own and get years of function out of your auto maintenance or storage space.

To turn your garage into a showroom, you need to partner with a team of installation experts. Customers across Northeast Ohio look to the team from Ohio Garage Interiors for striking garage transformations. The team has provided stunning transformations for homeowners from across Cleveland, Akron and the Lake Erie Islands. When you choose Ohio Garage Interiors for epoxy garage floor installation, you can turn your garage into a completely new space.

Are you ready to add that showroom look to your space? When you need the right value, Ohio Garage Interiors has the right people and the right materials. Connect with the installation team from Ohio Garage Interiors today and start your transformation. Simply visit today to take the next steps.