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A role of Wenco's protective rubber lining.

Wenguard Rubber Protective Linings

Rubber protective linings are an invaluable tool at any mining site. Wenco USA is one of the top companies in the production of these protective items. For many years, Wenco USA has focused on the design and manufacturing of rubber protective linings and other mining products of similar uses. They have an extensive line of many different products, but the Wenguard rubber lining is one the most requested overall. This product contains silica-reinforced rubber, and this rubber will protect against extreme levels of impact and abrasion. It is also highly flexible both physically and in its ability to move various amounts and types of materials. Furthermore, it will keep its strength even in the hardest conditions. With its significant elasticity and sealing characteristics, the Wenguard rubber protective lining is a tool that could be useful to any mining operation.

About Wenco USA

Wenco USA has built a reputation for reliable customer support during their history in the mining industry. They have the goal of making products that will always exceed the customer’s expectations. Wenco will also improvise their existing products to the specific needs of their clientele. If a customer needs something changed, they can request it at any time. Furthermore, the custom engineered products at Wenco USA will give significantly improved results once they are implemented. These products are versatile and reliable, allowing for many different applications.

A highly experienced team of employees designs and manufactures Wenco USA’s large range of mining industry products. The Wenco team has extensive years of combined experience. They have the foresight to change with a shifting market, increasing efficiency in meeting the demands and needs of their customers. This team has created endless business opportunities for Wenco USA by designing new, innovative products to offer to an consistently increasing customer base.

If your mining operation could find use of a high-quality rubber protective lining, contact Wenco USA. They will give you the product you need with impeccable customer service.