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Unframed World Design partners is a digital marketing company that partners with many Ohio businesses in many different industries including aerospace manufacturing. Wedge Products is a proven aerospace metal stamping company and a client of Unframed World Design, so they receive many advantages from our digital marketing services.

Wedge Products continues to create the high-quality metal aerospace components their customers need while Unframed World works on the backend. We provide the digital marketing strategies Wedge needs, so they can grow and compete in the metal stamping industry.

Looking for aerospace metal stamping companies? You can rely on Wedge Products to manufacture the best metal parts for your application. As a top aerospace manufacturer, Wedge has been working with strict aerospace industry standards since 1933. So, they can perform low and high-volume production runs while maintaining quality, precision, and uniformity.

Wedge Products offers many years of experience in metal stamping processes, so they can design high-quality aircraft components with many materials and thicknesses. They also offer quick turnaround and competitive pricing for their services. So, they can work within the time and budget restraints of all clients.

AS9100-C certified aerospace metal stamping company

Wedge Products is among the few metal stamping companies certified to produce aerospace components. Wedge’s team of aerospace metal stamping professionals utilize their immense industry experience to tackle even the most challenging aerospace stamping projects. They can also ensure all parts are defect-free prior to delivery.

With experienced staff and precision manufacturing equipment, Wedge offers full-range metal stamping capabilities. As a result, they can successfully meet and exceed the aerospace industry’s particularly strict quality and performance requirements. In fact, Wedge Products has produced many components for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache, and C-130 aircraft.

In addition, Wedge Products is also an AS9100 Rev. D manufacturer. So, they can provide valuable metal stamping and light assembly services for aerospace projects.

5 facts about Wedge Products

High-precision aerospace metal stamping

Wedge has an engineering department that will provide guidance and professional recommendations for your project. As a result, you can more accurately develop the aerospace parts you need for your application. Also, Wedge’s team of tool and die makers can maintain or modify the tooling for your custom aerospace stamped components. This ensures you get custom components to your exact specifications.

Advanced stamping machinery

The Wedge Products development facility contains over 64 presses with capacities ranging from 3 to 400 tons. They also have equipment for welding, tapping, welding, deburring, degreasing, and manual and automatic assemblies.

Excellent quality control methods

Wedge uses a computerized quality control program, so they can maintain precision throughout the entire manufacturing process. They also have certification to manufacture parts for the automotive industry under Mil-I-45208A.

High-quality materials

Wedge Products offers access to a diverse selection of high-quality metal materials. So, you always receive the best materials to meet application requirements. Whether aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, Wedge can meet and exceed expectations for your custom metal stamping project.

Deep drawn metal stamping services

In addition to traditional metal stamping, Wedge Products is a top provider of deep drawn metal stamping. Deep drawn metal stamping is a uniquely effective process for the manufacturing of aerospace, automotive, and electrical parts. The deep drawn stamping process involves the radial drawing of flat metal into a die to shape the ideal part. The phrase “deep drawn” refers to the dimensions of the parts, which exhibit greater depth than width.

Furthermore, deep drawn stamping uses fewer materials, so it is significantly more cost-efficient than the creation of turned metal parts.

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