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Plastic Injection Molding Companies | Ohio | Jaco Molding Products

Since 1948, Jaco Molding Products, an injection molding company in Ohio, has offered custom injection molding of thermoplastic materials up to 29 oz. Their reputation for injection mold technology has established Jaco Products as experts and leaders in production and precision plastic injection molding services and they also offer parts at a competitive price within … Continue reading “Plastic Injection Molding Companies | Ohio | Jaco Molding Products”

Rotational Molding Designer

For over twenty-five years, Greg Stout has been a plastic product designer and for over fourteen years, he has also been a rotational molding designer with his company Blue-Reed LLC. Located in Stow, Ohio, Stout and the experts Blue-Reed have worked to create a company that is innovative, experienced, and allows the client to access … Continue reading “Rotational Molding Designer”