Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers

Have you and your team been looking through listings of aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers for your next project?  No matter your goals for your business, you will need to make sure you both work with the most reputable suppliers and invest in the most reliable equipment.  In fact, some key considerations when picking aerospace solenoid valves include the following.

  • Current Signal Voltage
  • Available Port Size 
  • Choice of Fail Open or Fail Closed Actuator
  • Necessary Ambient Pressure | Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers
  • Materials
  • Choice of Direct Mount or Remote
  • Both Explosion and Water Resistance

Stow, Ohio’s NMG Aerospace has been an essential resource to Northeast Ohio’s community of aerospace businesses for more than five decades.  The company stands out among aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers not only through open and honest communication with all clients but also through a distinct commitment to lean manufacturing practices.

Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers  

About NMG Aerospace 

Since 1967, the team from NMG Aerospace has worked to develop a reputation of excellence in aerospace machining.  In fact, the company has been one of the leading contributors to Northeast Ohio’s aerospace and defense manufacturing fields.  To list, client businesses count on NMG Aerospace for   

  • Aerospace Welding
  • Both Assembly and Testing | Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Finishing
  • High Volume Machining
  • Laser Etching
  • Pneumatic Tool Repair
  • Precision Aerospace Machining
  • Both Product Design and Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Repair Station
  • Tube Bending
  • Value-Added Services
  • Welding
  • Aerospace Kitting
  • Competitive Cost Country Sourcing
  • Qualification 

NMG Aerospace Product Platforms

  • Boeing
    • 737 (Both NG and Max)
    • 747
    • 757
    • 767
    • 777
    • 787
  • Airbus
    • A320 (Both 18-21 and NEO)
    • A330
    • A340
    • A350
    • A380
  • Regional
    • C Series
    • Embraer RJ Family
    • Bombardier
    • DHC-8/Q400
  • Biz-Jet
    • Gulfstream
    • Learjet
    • Global
  • Military
    • F-16
    • F-22
    • F-35
    • AH-64
    • B1
    • C130
    • CH47
    • UH 60
    • S70i
    • T38
    • M1 Abrams Battle Tank

Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers

NMG Aerospace Market Segments | Both Aerospace and Defense

  • Aerospace 
    • Undercarriage
    • Ice Protection
    • Specialty Seating
    • Evacuation 
    • Water
  • Ground Vehicle
    • Automobile Transmission
    • Defense Electronic
  • Industrial
    • Pneumatic Tool Repair
    • Sockets

Getting in Touch With NMG Aerospace

If you plan to reach out to the professionals from NMG Aerospace, then simply fill out the online contact form on  In addition, prospective customers can use the contact information shown below to send written correspondence, phone calls, or faxes.  

NMG Aerospace (Corporate)

4880 Hudson Dr

Stow, OH 44224

Main Line: (330) 688-6494

Main Fax: (888) 226-4814


aircraft wheels NMG Aerospace logo

NMG Aerospace Corporate Divisions

If you and your team have been searching for reliable aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers, then you can feel confident in partnering with NMG Aerospace’s Electromotive Incorporated division.  To list, all company divisions include:

  • Aviation Products Division
  • Electromotive Incorporated
  • Engineered Aerospace Products Division
  • Industrial Products Division
  • Machined Products Division
  • Aerospace Hydraulic Products Division