Auto Repair Nightmares From Beyond the Grave

FrankenChevy | The Tale of the Missing Crossmember

There once was a young man who finally saved up enough to buy his dream car. A classic 1957 chevy that just needed a fresh coat of paint. All of the internal parts were no longer operational, but the thrill of being able to customize this beauty exactly the way he wanted was a dream come true. He couldn’t eat or sleep thinking about the excitement of revealing his finished project. The children would cheer, the car lovers would swoon. It would truly be a grand display of his handy work.

The excitement made him impatient to start assembling his masterpiece. He scoured the message boards in a fit of fury. He had luck finding the perfect new engine with the right horse power, a vintage hydraulic clutch and a classic transmission for the exact year, make and model of his vehicle. His excitement turned into a maddening obsession.

He wrenched away into the dark stormy night. His family begged him to come to bed, but his obsession was greater than the need to eat, sleep or spend time with his family. Finally, his masterpiece was complete, except for one essential piece. His perfectly preserved transmission was not secured into place with the right crossmember. But the purr of the engine was so inviting, he couldn’t resist taking it out for a test drive.

His heart raced as he turned the key, shifted into reverse and slowly crept down the street. The ride was a little bumpy, but the pounding of his heart and the wind in his hair was overpowering. Suddenly, there was a deafening scrape and his car screeched to a halt. He clenched the steering wheel, desperate to find his way back to reality. When he looked in the rearview mirror, all of his hard work laid there in a cloud of smoke, right in the middle of the road.


broken car transmission crossmember

The Moral Of This Story

There’s nothing that takes away the rush of the open road like seeing your radiator and transmission behind you in the rearview mirror. It never hurts to try to take on modifications yourself, but the horror stories you hear from gung-ho amateurs when they forego a part that didn’t seem essential could fill a book.

Commonly overlooked is the radiator or transmission crossmember. This part is typically fixed to the vehicle’s side members to prevent weaving and twisting of the frame. People will often look to purchase this part used to save a couple bucks, but bringing some parts back from the dead is even scarier than it sounds.

But no need to fear, this is only a story. There are trained experts that would never let you end up in a nightmare like this.

g force crossmember

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