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Affordable Basement Flooring Contractors in Northeast Ohio

Looking for affordable basement flooring services in Northeast Ohio? Contact the flooring experts at Ohio Garage Interiors. OGI’s basement flooring contractors can give you a flooring system with superior durability and style for your home. In fact, Ohio Garage Interiors is one of the best basement flooring options on the market, offering flooring solutions that can protect against virtually any form of damage.

However, OGI basement flooring offers more than just concrete floor protection. OGI flooring solutions also feature slip resistance, easier cleaning, and a diverse range of customizable design options. So, you can install quality, low-maintenance basement flooring that fits with the style of your home. Most importantly, OGI’s epoxy materials ensure your flooring looks better and lasts longer than other products.

Hiring OGI basement flooring contractors also means you receive service directly from the industry’s top flooring experts. OGI’s staff will analyze the state of your flooring and get a complete understanding of your needs, so they can install high-quality flooring that is perfect for your home.

OGI uses only the highest quality materials in the installation of their basement flooring solutions. As a result, OGI epoxy offers superior strength, longer lifespans, and a visually stunning aesthetic. In addition, OGI offers a workable installation schedule and competitive prices to work within your schedule and budget.

Why hire professional basement flooring contractors from OGI?

Installing the right flooring is one of the most important parts of a finished basement. There are countless basement flooring companies that claim to offer the best protection and value available. So, choosing the best basement flooring contractors for the job can be a difficult task. There are also low-cost products like DIY epoxy kits that are popular among homeowners. Therefore, you may be reconsidering hiring professional installers altogether.

DIY epoxy flooring kits initially seem like the perfect way to save money on your basement flooring. However, these products present an endless list of hidden costs. Most homeowners will choose DIY to cut out the middleman and reduce material costs. Unfortunately, DIY materials offer almost no strength and protection, especially in comparison to industrial-grade epoxy products from OGI.

As a result, DIY flooring will form various defects quickly after installation. So, you will have to spend much more of your money to repair these defects or reapply the DIY products you just bought. With Ohio Garage Interiors, however, you can prevent any defects and expensive repairs with high-quality materials and expert basement flooring contractors.

Professional flooring installations definitely seem expensive at first, but OGI’s precision installation techniques and quality epoxy materials ensure you receive the most value for your dollar. In fact, OGI epoxy offers incredible protective properties, so it can prevent the concrete slab from being damaged by moisture and other hazards. As a result, you will not have to stress over flooring defects and costly maintenance.

5 reasons to choose OGI basement flooring contractors

Protection against mold, mildew, and flooding:

Moisture damage comes in many forms and is one of the most common issues with basement flooring. Mold, mildew, and flooding can result in many costly repairs and the occasional complete flooring replacement. So, OGI designs their flooring solutions for exceptional protection from mold, mildew, and flooding in basement environments.

Safer and easier to clean:

A finished basement floor from OGI features a topcoat with impermeability to dust, dirt, stains, water, and various forms of debris to keep them from settling into the concrete. This topcoat is also slip-resistant. So, cleaning your basement floor is safer, easier, and much less of a chore.

Higher strength, longer lifespans, and minimal maintenance:

OGI designs their flooring for optimal performance in Ohio garage and basement climates. Their polyaspartic coatings contain polyaspartic polyurea, so they can defend the basement subflooring from dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, corrosive chemicals, road salts, and much more! This also ensures your finished flooring looks better and lasts longer without repetitive maintenance.

Countless customizable options:

When you choose OGI basement flooring contractors, you get the opportunity to get creative with your flooring. They offer a full catalog of flake, colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns for their DecoFlake system, so you can personally design the best aesthetic for your basement.

Free estimates with in-home inspections:

Are you interested in installing a new basement floor but are not sure of what you want? Schedule an in-home inspection with Ohio Garage Interiors! They will send a genuine OGI basement floor contractor to your home to inspect the flooring and provide you with a free quote. If you do not have time for an inspection, you can also send in photos.

About Ohio Garage Interiors Basement Flooring Contractors

Ohio Garage Interiors has been a leading provider of garage and basement flooring services in Northeast Ohio for many years. OGI is a locally owned and operated business founded by Chad & Scott Gleske, so they could give Ohio homes and businesses effective and affordable flooring services. Now, OGI is the premier flooring company for Northeast Ohio.

OGI recognizes that quality flooring services require expert staff, high-quality materials, and high-precision repair and installation techniques. So, they utilize the best available products on the market in combination with thorough, two-day installation processes.

OGI also offers invaluable industry connections that give them access to the most current insider knowledge on materials, installation methods, and equipment. So, you can depend on OGI to provide the finest flooring on the market with competitive pricing that you can afford.

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