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Protect Your Bike from Corrosion! Rust can drastically shorten the lifespan of a bicycle, and cyclists everywhere could benefit from Zerust’s Bike Storage Bag. With Zerust, rust damage becomes a thing of the past. Zerust stops rust before it can begin, eliminating reactions that cause corrosion. Both commuter bikes and high-end racing cycles are vulnerable to rust and corrosion; therefore, many businesses and individual bike owners use the Zerust Bike Storage Bag to protect brakes, gears, shifters and other components on bikes susceptible to rust damage. Any single-rider bike can fit in the storage bag and will remain protected for long periods of time.

The Zerust Bike Storage Bag has various protective attributes. Most importantly, the cover is entirely corrosion proof, utilizing Zerust’s rust-resistant technology to keep your bike in top condition. The bag is also water resistant and mold proof. With Zerust, your bike is safe the dangers of corrosion.

Furthermore, the storage bag is extremely easy to use. Once you clean and dry your bicycle based on suggestions provided in the owner’s manual, you can put the bag over your bike and zip it up with the Zerust logo facing inward. With those simple steps, you will have a rust-resistant bike cover that protects for up to five years once purchased.


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How Does Zerust Work? | Anti-Rust Bike Storage Bag

All the Zerust products produce an invisible, odorless vapor that coats your belongings in a rust-resistant shield. The vapor contains molecules that cling to the surface of your belongings. These molecules form an incredibly thin protective layer, and once it is set, it eliminates any chemical reactions that cause rust and corrosion. Zerust also has no adverse effects on your belongings. The functionality of your metal possessions stays exactly the same while Zerust protects them, enhancing reliability and preventing rust at a level unseen by the naked eye.

Many companies have implemented Zerust products to protect from corrosion. Zerust is a trustworthy product with loyal customers in many industries including vehicle manufacturers, computer electronics suppliers, and even the military. Zerust is also an environmentally friendly product. The FDA even cleared the products for use with kitchenware.

Zerust can ensure that your bike and other possessions maintain their top condition. The Zerust Bike Storage Cover can help drastically increase the longevity of your bicycle. Other Zerust products can protect jewelry, tools, vehicles, and more. If you are experiencing issues with rust and corrosion, consider using Zerust. It will be the solution to all your rust-related issues.


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