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Becker Pumps a Better Alternative to Busch Pumps

If searching to invest in a Busch pump, Becker Pumps wants you to know they have a better alternative. Becker’s staff strives to not just stay ahead of its competitor Busch Pumps but producing a superior product as well. With Becker’s 135 years of experience and developing technologies, they’ve built a world-leading name for manufacturing top-of-the-line products. Becker has an advantage of 80 plus years of experience and development over Busch Pumps. 

Becker Pumps offers superior performing vacuum pumps, compressors, and regenerative blowers that will outperform Bush pumps in many ways including: 

  1. Faster production – Becker Pumps delivers the fastest evacuation time in the industry. 7% Faster pump downtime than Busch pumps.
  2. Quieter – Becker Pumps manufactures the quietest pumps in the industry.
  3. Cooler Running – Becker Pumps are the coolest running pumps, cooler than Busch pumps.
  4. Reliability – Becker pumps have proven reliability and require less maintenance than Busch pumps.
  5. Design – Smaller overall footprint than Busch pumps.
  6. Efficiency – More efficient CFM/Horsepower ratio than Busch pumps.
  7. Support – Responsive, knowledgeable customer service and technical support.
  8. Delivery – Offering a complete inventory of all pump series and our routine replacement parts are available through our online store.  We offer same-day shipment to anywhere in North America. No other pump manufacturer including Busch can state this claim.

Don’t just take our word on this – Here are some of the industries currently employing Becker Pumps Aerospace, Aggregates, Automotive, and Tire, Food Processing, Electronics, Environmental, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Laboratories, Paper, Printing, Waste and Water Treatment, and Vacuum Forming. These companies rely on Becker’s superior products as well as their high-quality customer service. 

Unparalleled Customer Service 

Each member of Becker’s Customer Service Team carries an average of 10 years prior experience working with Becker pumps and must complete a factory trained seminar. Becker takes pride in its Customer Service because they value every one of their customers. Their response time from the moment the phone rings you can expect to be connected to a dedicated specialist who has the skills and knowledge to answer questions, solve any issues, problems or concerns, track shipments and input any orders. Becker’s highly trained team of inside sales and technical support is second to none. But once again, don’t just take our word for it, give their Customer Service a call and find out for yourself. 

Best-Qualified Pump For All Industry Environments

Becker goes to great lengths to ensure that each individual customer will receive the best-qualified pump for its industry environment. So what are your industry environment requirements? 

Aeration & Agitation – Becker’s regenerative blowers and compressors deliver 100% oil-free air. Offering ZERO contamination to dirt and water, this is the solution for all aeration and agitation needs, including planting, cleaning or rinsing of tanks, aerating ponds, lagoons, and fish farms. This is the most environmentally friendly solution. 

Composite/RTM/LRTM Manufacturing – Large or small autoclaves, vacuum layup, composite/RTM/LRTM manufacturing are managed easily and efficiently with Becker pumps. Offering pumps and multi-pump systems that are compatible with every type of vacuum process in the industry, however, if your industry needs special requirements Becker’s engineers can tailor-design specifically for your process.

Vacuum Pumps for Maple Sugar Extraction – Becker offers a full range of vacuum pumps and accessories perfectly suited for use in maple sugar extraction. These units are specifically designed to be sturdy and durable with low maintenance and operating costs. These pumps are capable of handling 1,400 taps to as many as 43,000 taps with a single pump.

Medical/Surgical & Industrial Central Vacuum Systems – Becker offers a myriad of vacuum pumps for the Medical/Surgical and Industrial fields. Visit their page dedicated to these fields to see which one best fits your industry requirements. Still not quite sure which system your industry might need? Becker’s qualified technicians can assist you in selecting the appropriate medical/surgical vacuum pumps to meet your requirements.  Becker has been Best in Class for three decades with its top-quality manufacturing of oil-lubricated and oil-free dry-running pumps. Additionally, Becker offers the only warranty offered in the Vacuum Industry.

Printing and Paper Market – For those in the printing, packaging and paper industries Becker offers a full range of equipment and value-added services. From prepress, offset printing, flexographic printing, web printing. Including the fields of, converting processing, such as binding, folding, and die-cutting.

Woodworking and Plastic Router –Becker offers a complete range of vacuum solutions for the woodworking and plastic market and router industries. Providing pumps for vacuum hold-down applications for CNC router tables is their specialty. Saving energy and reducing your operating costs when you employ Becker’s spoil board applications that can be operated incrementally to match your production demand. You control the pumps needed for your specific application.

Wastewater Treatment – Whether you have a Conventional Activated Sludge System (CAS) or an Aerated Stabilization Basin (ABS), Becker Pumps has the precise solution for you to ensure maximum degradation.

Vacuum Packaging – Becker understands there are many diverse forms of vacuum packaging that requires pumps in the forming process. Regardless of what your packaging equipment handles be it paper, cardboard, corrugated, metal or plastic, Becker pumps will not only speed up your process and increase your productivity, as well as save you downtime and money. If your industry specializes in custom, contract, flexible, rigid, reusable or collapsible packaging, make sure your company is employing Becker pumps.

However, if you are still considering Busch pumps for your facility’s 

  • vacuum system
  • CNC hold-down
  • primary packaging
  • secondary packaging

We encourage you to consult with Beckers experienced support representatives. Let them show you first hand why Becker is the better choice over purchasing any Busch pumps.