New CDL Written Test Training Course for School Bus Safety

Staying Safe with the CDL Written Test Training Course
For anyone in need of a commercial driver’s license, the School Bus Training Company of Hudson, Ohio, is offering CDL Written Test Training Courses with all the necessities for the certification process. The courses are built on a series of safety videos with the goal of changing driver behavior to reduce accidents. In addition, The School Bus Training Company has recently improved their driving course as well, adding ten additional subjects into the CDL Written Test Training Course. They also offer training for transporting students with special needs, safety leadership and preventing bullying on the bus.

Jeff Cassell, President of the School Bus Safety Company, has been making children safer for over 20 years. Cassell has been responsible for the installation of over 38,000 crossing gates on school buses. He also made the first significant implementation of the Child Checkmate System, a system designed to ensure drivers check for sleeping children.

Before the School Bus Safety Company, Cassell was the Vice President of Corporate Risk Management for the Laidlaw Group, a nationwide company specializing in bus transportation. With Cassell’s expertise, they succeeded in reducing their accident rate by over 72 percent and their financial costs by more than forty million dollars per year.

What Does the CDL Written Test Training Course Offer?

The School Bus Safety Company has been designing widely successful school bus training courses for over twenty years. They offer a multitude of different video-based training courses, including programs for young students. The CDL Written Test Training Courses provides drivers’ guides, trainers’ guides, and even test booklets. In the past, many applicants never succeeded in receiving certification; however, this training course has prevailed in making the training process much easier to understand. Many applicants will pass the test on the first attempt. This training course has proven itself to be efficient and reliable in the long term.

Furthermore, the School Bus Safety Company offers a multitude of training courses other than the  CDL training course. These courses include safety leadership training, bullying prevention training and training for the transportation of children with special needs. For the kids, on the other hand, there are video training programs for ages ranging from pre-K to sixth. The goal of these video courses is teaching kids how they can secure their own safety as well as the safety of others. The School Bus Safety company offers both quantity and quality with these courses. If you are looking to obtain a commercial driver’s license, these courses are the place to start.

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