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Child Support Lawyer | Cameron B. Pedro

Understanding your child support rights and obligations as well as establishing them can be a difficult task. However, an expert child support lawyer can assist in making the proper decisions for the present and future. This will not only benefit you, but it will also substantially benefit your children.

Cameron B. Pedro is a child support lawyer serving the Northeast Ohio areas of Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, and many others. He represents parents in all areas of child support cases. This includes initial determinations, modifications, terminations, and enforcement of support. With his extensive experience as a child support lawyer, Cameron B. Pedro can fight for your rights and help you do what’s best for your family.

Initial Child Support Decisions | Child Support Lawyer

In Ohio Law, there are guidelines and a formula for calculating child support. However, the law also has various possible adjustments. These adjustments to the formula are based on factors such as spousal support received, child care expenses, the child’s unique needs, educational costs, and many other variables. In addition, when a divorce is a “high income” situation, the divorce may not be subject to the child support formula; therefore, extensive investigation, litigation and negation may be required.

A Northeast Ohio child support lawyer like Cameron B. Pedro will help you throughout the entire legal process, ensuring that you pay or receive a fair amount of child support.

Modifying and Terminating

Under certain conditions, child support requirements can be altered or terminated, according to Ohio law. It requires substantial knowledge of the legal system to know when modifications and terminations may be appropriate. Furthermore, petitioning the court is necessary for receiving relief. Cameron B. Pedro is a child support lawyer with more than enough experience to help adjust the amount of support paid to further help the child.

Enforcing Child Support | Child Support Lawyer

If a parent fails to make the necessary child support payments, you may have to pursue legal action. An experienced attorney can help you with analyzing income and assets, garnishing wages, filing liens, and petitioning the court for a contempt order. There are also countless other remedies for unpaid support that can only be truly utilized with the help of an experienced family lawyer. Cameron B. Pedro will fight for you and your child to ensure you receive the money you need to support your family.

Whether establishing, modifying, enforcing, or terminating, the child support process can be a difficult and stressful process for the average person. If you need assistance with your child support case, do not hesitate to contact an expert child support lawyer. Cameron B. Pedro can help you protect your rights and your family.

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