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How Do I Know If I Need Concrete Restoration?

Is your garage floor in need of concrete restoration? After all, garages are one of the hardest working areas in homes. You may wonder what has caused your garage floor to develop cracks, become uneven, or just downright an eyesore over the course of years. Neglected garage floors are more than just an eyesore, they’re often a safety hazard. Your ability to safely walk in your garage can be adversely affected by floors that are uneven, damaged, slippery, and strewn with clutter. Deterioration on your garage floor concrete can occur for any number of reasons.

Here are a few contributing factors:

  • Temperature Changes- concrete expands in the heat and contracts in the cold.
  • Foundation – If the garage floor foundation and concrete surface were poorly installed, to begin with.
  • Soil Displacement – What’s beneath your garage foundation can cause the floor to sink. 
  • Proper Water Drainage – Without it, water damage will stress the surface.
  • High-traffic Area- General wear and tear from spills, leaks, and foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Father Time- Floors will commonly just settle over time.
  • Ohio Winters – Pitting caused by road salt used during the winter months. 

Questions to ask yourself.  How much spalling, pitting, and chipping is there? Is there a structural break? How much material is missing? If it’s too much, then the concrete will need to be replaced; just repairing would not be an option. This is where OGI comes to save the day. They offer reliable and cost-effective options for concrete restoration. 

Concrete Restoration And Garage Flooring
Provided By Northeastern, Ohio’s Best

Ohio Garage Interiors has built its superior reputation specializing in garage enhancement. Our team can repair all the damages made from road salt and erosion. Then after the concrete restoration, why not add a pristine look with a new garage flooring epoxy coating. Our epoxy is four times stronger than the standard epoxy, as it contains a durable hybrid polymer. Furthermore, OGI’s floor coatings bond to the concrete permanently, protecting from moisture, floods, and other environmental dangers. Additionally, leaving your garage flooring with a surface smooth, unbroken, and safer to walk-on surface. They even offer a coating that has decorative flakes. This creates a textured surface that improves foot traction, all the while enhancing a garage’s décor.

Plan On Selling? Boost Your Home’s Value

71% of today’s families use the garage as the primary entrance to their house. Therefore, that unattractive garage floor that’s uneven, pitted, cracked, scuffed, stained, and lacking any style just isn’t going to cut it. Especially if you’re planning on selling anytime soon. Customers today want their garages to add an element of design to their homes as well as being functional. The physical condition and appearance of one’s garage floor have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of a garage. It’s really no surprise that both the garage and its flooring have surged in prominence when it comes to home makeover opportunities and priorities. 

OGI’s professionally applied high-end coating will serve you for years to come with a high gloss flooring finish that won’t peel, flake, or yellow. All the while knowing, if you decide to place your home on the market, a nice garage floor really stands out to prospective buyers who already place a high value on the garage as a home storage space. Not selling? Then take pride in opening your garage doors, welcome your guests through your garage. No longer fear what the neighbors might say. 

Want Services That Are Effective And Affordable?

With Ohio Garage Interiors, concrete restoration and garage remodeling is a transformative process. Not only are their services effective and affordable, but their staff is also kind and helpful. Working with OGI means you get unparalleled quality in products and customer service. The following is a few reasons why OGI is the best option for garage flooring and concrete restoration:

  • Easy to Clean: OGI’s floor coatings have a textured finish to prevent slipping and are completely non-porous. Designed to protect against moisture buildup. Easy cleaning and maintenance make your life simpler.
  • Withstanding Ohio’s Climate: Ohio weather is notoriously temperamental. The summers are humid, and winters are fraught with ice and road salt. OGI’s epoxy coatings are built to defend against moisture buildup and corrosive road salt, increasing the lifespan of your flooring to up to 15 years.
  • Honest Pricing: OGI refuses to use bait and switch pricing, so you always know exactly what you’re paying. They will send an expert designer to your home to quote your project at no charge.
  • A Reliable Local Company: When you work with OGI, you never have to worry about the subcontractors coming to your home. OGI is a locally owned and operated company with a capable team of garage remodelers.

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Ohio Garage Interiors offers Concrete Restoration and Garage Flooring Epoxy solutions. If your garage floor has become an eyesore or walking hazard contact them today. OGI ensures proper installation with results that speak for themselves.  They will elevate the look and feel of your garage with new flooring. To learn more about how Ohio Garage Interiors can accommodate your garage concrete restoration Northeast Ohio, contact them today, so they can begin working on your project.