How Can I Add a Quality Cut-to-Length Line to My Facility?

Need a Reliable Metal Processing Solution? Find a Quality Metal Cut-to-Length Line

A metal cut-to-length line is a piece of equipment that forms metal coils into pieces of designated lengths. A quality line can cut down on production time, allow for on-time delivery, minimize waste material by complying with tolerance requirements, and cut down on costs and setup time.

While you should remember that each piece of equipment, task, and facility is different, metal processing with a cut-to-length line follows a general sequence of steps. First, a master coil of flat-rolled steel will pass through the line. This equipment will unroll the coil and then flatten it. Next, it will cut the metal to designated lengths. Finally, the line will stack the metal sheets in a set bundle size. Depending on the equipment model and the task, some metal cut-to-length lines will accommodate certain value-added services.

Different lines suit different applications. For example, roller leveling cut-to-length coil lines offer function and value superior to that of alternative drive systems by creating inter-roll tension. They also continue to process in the event of a component failure. These lines help companies save on inventory cost as a combination of a common fractional horsepower motor and gear reducer drive each roll; the setup allows for a more cost-effective function than a combination of one motor, a reducer, and pinion.

cut-to-length line

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Where other companies only process certain materials, the exclusive metal forming technology from Butech Bliss allows for easy processing of both hot and cold-rolled steel and many other metals.

Look to the team from Butech Bliss for top-quality stretch leveling cut-to-length lines, roller leveling cut-to-length lines, and temper mill cut-to-length lines along with coil-slitting lines, shears, rolling mill equipment, spare parts, engineering solutions, field service capabilities, and multi-blanking lines. The extensive selection of equipment allows Butech Bliss to be a significant asset to both service centers and toll processors, in particular.

Need a custom solution? Butech Bliss should be your first choice. Depend on the team from Butech Bliss to design and manufacture a line to meet your most stringent requirements. A customer purchasing a custom stretch leveling cut-to-length line benefit from custom gripper heads. These components boast compatibility with multiple products while eliminating the delays that come with cleaning and gripper head assembly replacement. Count on Butech Bliss for metallic grippers, interchangeable gripper heads, and more.

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