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DUI Lawyer Kent Ohio | Davis Law Group

If you or a loved one are in need of a DUI lawyer in Kent, Ohio, contact the Davis Law Group’s team of criminal defense attorneys. This law firm can help mitigate the penalties involved with a DUI, DWI or OVI. This team of lawyers is highly experienced in the defense of DUI cases in Portage County. They will ensure all your rights  given to you by the United States Constitution are in tact, and with their aggressive legal defense, they will provide the support you need.

The Davis Law Group is also a smaller law firm, meaning their fees are completely reasonable. Their team is available today to review your situation. Once they have your information, they will be able to tell you the cost. A DUI can be an incredibly stressful experience. The Davis Law Group understands and wants to help; furthermore, their strong track record gives them the experience necessary for providing a vehement defense on your behalf. Whether this is a repeat offense or a one-time deal, the Davis Law Group can help you through this difficult time.

About the Davis Law Group | DUI Lawyer Kent Ohio

The Davis Law Group, home to the best DUI lawyer in Kent, Ohio, was created in 2007. This occurred due to the combination of Kevin G. Davis & Associates, Co., LPA and Eoff & Elliott LLC. These law firms have history stretching back to 1979. Together, they created a law firm known for providing quality and cost effective legal services. Today Davis Law Group continues to work with loyal clients who trust the Davis Law Group for their guidance.

At its core, the Davis Law Group holds the belief that aggressive legal representation can be provided in a professional manner. They also desire to provide representation at an affordable cost to their clients and will listen to your needs, concerns and goals. The Davis Law Group will ensure that they are always working with you and for you. Their first priority is to understand your situation whether you need a DUI Lawyer in Kent, Ohio, or other legal troubles. They want to confirm for themselves and you that they are providing the necessary service and legal guidance.

The Davis Law Group also works with the belief that any successful law firm can be a family. The rapport at the Davis Law Group is most likely different than other law firms. At the Davis Law Group, you will find a passionate team working to fulfill your needs and providing you with advice you can understand and trust. It is a difference you can see and feel, and it sets them apart from many of the other existing law firms in Ohio. If you need any legal assistance, the Davis Law Group will not hesitate to help.

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