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G Force’s Engine Stands are the Ideal Solution for Storage and Transportation

Looking for reliable engine storage and transportation equipment? G Force Performance Products engine stands are the perfect product for you. G Force is a top designer and manufacturer of crossmembers, transmission mounts, engine stands, and many other automotive components, and equipment. So, you can depend on them to provide the tools you need to reliably complete automotive projects.

Engines are the most important aspect of any high-performance vehicle, so they require the highest levels of care and attention. Car enthusiasts will spend copious amounts of time on their engines to ensure they are in optimal condition whether they are currently in a running build.

In fact, if you enjoy modifying cars, you likely recognize the need for proper care better than anyone. Storage and transportation of engines are central concerns for any car enthusiast, so using engine stands is a necessary part of any project.

Uses of G Force Performance Products engine stands

Using engine stands to store or transport your engine is the perfect solution for ensuring your engines are protected from damage. Car enthusiasts prefer the G Force two-piece engine stand due to the incredibly stable design.

In fact, G Force Performance Products designs engine stands with a low center of gravity to offer superior balance. G Force stands will also attach to the same location on the engine block as when you would bolt the motor into a car.

Furthermore, these engine stands allow you to perform assembly operations at the top of your engine more easily. However, they are not typically used for engine builds, repair, or maintenance because they are too low to the ground to work comfortably.

Common project examples

One of the most common projects G Force customers perform is an engine conversion. Engine conversions can be incredibly complex and time-consuming tasks, so they often require the use of long term storage for the engine. Therefore, customers look to G Force for reliable storage options.

G Force Performance Products recently introduced their LS engine stands along with Big Block (BBC) and Small Block Chevy (SBC) engine stands. G Force chose these particular engines because they are the most popular among their customers for engine conversion projects.

Transporting engines made more convenient

G Force engine stands are lightweight and come with four removable casters. As a result, moving your engine is safer, easier, and less of a chore. Furthermore, when detached, these engine stands offer unparalleled stability for the transportation of your motors from one spot to another.

Without the four casters, this engine stand will also protect the engine in the event of an accidental drop. In fact, G Force’s stands have an 850 lb. load rating, so your LS or SBC engine has the support it needs for transportation and long term storage. Additionally, this new design is compatible with most oversized oil pans.

Another advantage of G Force’s unique, two-piece design is that you can store your stands without using up excessive shelf space. So, you can maximize your garages store space, while the stands black powder finish keeps it in pristine condition for many years after purchase.

6 tips for storing your engine

Keep your engine safe from potential damage with these 6 storage tips from G Force Performance Products:

  • If your engine is in running order, make sure the oil is clean prior to storage.
  • Remove spark plugs and add light oil to the cylinders.
    • Rotate the engine a couple of times.
    • Replace spark plugs and tighten finger tight.
  • Make sure anti-freeze is still good. If you are uncertain, replace it.
  • Cover or plug all openings to prevent animals from entering and dirt accumulation.
  • Place it on an engine stand to keep stable and prevent accidents.
  • Drape with a breathable covering to keep clean.

Engine storage designed by industry experts

Engine stands are the ideal solution for making long term storage and transportation of your engines safer and easier. When you choose G Force Performance Products, you receive a stand designed by industry experts that offers exceptional stability. The removable casters also provide the versatility for functional transportation and storing your engine as long as necessary.

Contact G Force Performance Products today to learn more about their LS and SBC engine stands and other quality automotive components, or visit our website for more information on our new engine stands.

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