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Genuine Leather Belts For Men | Status Leather Goods

When searching for genuine leather belts for men, your search can begin and end with Status Leather Goods. Genuine leather belts for men are one of the most versatile accessories that most often seem overlooked. However, not only are belts stylish they also are functional. We are in a time a style, we dress to impress and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace the belt, with so many options, paired with any style, from business professional to a casual night’s outing. Status Leather is growing its business and they truly know style. Offering belts in three main categories to help simplify which style you’re looking for.

  • Men’s Dress Casual- Belts designed to compliment your look and shoes with the perfect matching genuine leather belt. Being manufactured from only the finest leathers and designed to impress, taking your image to the next level.
  • Dress Casual Belts- Belts add the element of casual style for when stepping outside the corporate world, but still, wanting the professional business polished look.  The perfect belt to compliment your shoes and keeping the trend with your style.
  • Men’s Casual Belts- These genuine leather belts will take your casual style up a notch. Offering a wide selection to bring perfection to a casual style.

What’s Your Style Telling The World?

Genuine leather is a sustainable material crafted of varying grains. Therefore, the natural characteristics, varying designs, an array of coloring options has sanctioned itself to be consumers material choice for decades. Benefits of real leather belts for men are quality, durability, style, and versatility; this is what makes them the long-time classic that they are. Status has designed their belts with all these factors in mind. Knowing your investment in your style should assist in keeping your pants up where they should be and expressing your style at the same time. So what’s your style preference? Italian, Cognac, Embossed, Saddled, Polished, Tri-Leather, Pebble Grain, Herringbone, Full Grain, Woven, Suede, Braided, Burnished.  

Whether you’re attending a work function, or a casual night out or even your best friend’s wedding Status Leather Goods collection has you covered. With over 130 Genuine Leather Belts for men, Status Leather Goods has the perfect belt for your distinguished look and style. The world is curious to see the story you have to tell. Don’t let it or your pants down. Go browse Status Leather Goods collection, I know you won’t be disappointed with all they have to offer for your style. 

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