How Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Will Change Your Workplace

3 Ways Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Will Change Your Workplace

Fire extinguisher inspection is an instrumental aspect of safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, without a reliable inspection system, inspections can take time and resources and are susceptible to human error. 

But thanks to innovation and technology, there are ways to automate and streamline your inspections. If you invest in fire extinguisher inspection software, you’ll find a user-friendly experience that can be easily integrated into your workplace and, ultimately, will revitalize the way you perform inspections.

#1: Automation to Make It Easy

An important part of any asset inspection routine is organization. For those operating large campuses or businesses, assets can number in the thousands, from fire extinguishers to safety showers to exit signs. And, no matter how many assets, you need to ensure that every single one is fully operational at a moment’s notice. Sound stressful?

With fire extinguisher inspection software, you can easily maintain on-time, accurate inspections. Inspection software from InspectNTrack actually provides route guidance to keep technicians on the optimal inspection path. Not only does this save time, but it ensures that no asset is missed. 

Inspection software also provides an automated, customizable experience. Need to generate certain data? You can create customized reports that provide whatever inputs and numbers you need. In the case of a failed inspection, this software automatically generates corrective action. The software will log the discrepancy, set up automated actions associated with that issue, and can even generate automatic notifications to ensure action is being taken. With this level of secure automation, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to asset inspection.

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#2: Faster and More Accurate Inspections

When you choose a leading fire extinguisher inspection software, you can expect speedy inspections. Inspection software is much faster at scanning in assets and instantly reporting the data. When you go with InspectNTrack’s software, you can even download their app and begin performing inspections right away. It’s that easy!

Also with InspectNTrack, you’ll benefit from the usage of barcode scanning capabilities. What this means is that the software can quickly scan and read any barcodes on your fire extinguishers and other assets. Whether the barcodes are 1D, 2D, QR, manufacturer’s barcodes, or brand-new barcodes, this software easily scans them and makes swapping out barcodes easy. 

#3: Compliance To Ensure Safety

There are certain rules and regulations put in place by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to ensure that safety assets are up to standard. When it comes to fire extinguishers, the NFPA 10 provides clear guidelines of what the standards are for fire extinguisher safety.

InspectNTrack’s software is compliant with the NFPA 10, as well as other safety regulations. When you invest in a software that’s up to code, you can rest assured that your safety assets are in the best condition possible.

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About InspectNTrack | Safety Inspection Software

No matter the size of your building or campus, keeping up with fire extinguisher inspection and other safety inspections is critical. Though no one likes to imagine an emergency, accidents do happen, and the best way to prepare is to ensure your assets are working properly.

InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher inspection software is an industry leading program that serves a number of industries in inspection management. This automated inspection program is one of the most secure ways to keep track of your assets and any potential errors. 

InspectNTrack was created by EHS professionals who understand the types of features that aid in a seamless inspection process. For years, this company has continued to innovate and improve in order to offer their customers the best possible product. Protect your fire extinguishers and other assets with the best inspection software in the industry.

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