How to Protect Guns From Rusting in a Gun Safe

Protect Your Guns Against Rust With These Tips

Whether you are a dedicated hunter or enjoy going to the shooting range, as a firearm owner, you know the importance of maintaining your gear. While any enthusiast knows the necessity and benefits of storing guns in a gun safe, it is not always obvious when a gun safe is doing more damage than protection, often until it is too late.

Be Aware Of Pyrite

The interiors of most gun safes contain some amount of pyrite, which contributes to oxidation and forms sulfuric acid that causes guns to rust. It also allows for bacteria to flourish within the safe and form various acids that further damage the firearms. While steel gun safes do provide a certain amount of rust protection, corrosion can still develop if the safes aren’t airtight.

Monitor Gun Safe Conditions

As a gun owner, you should monitor the levels of temperature and moisture in your firearm storage area and work to keep these levels consistent. Maintaining a stable condition will help minimize the warping of wooden firearm components and the buildup of condensation that can cause rust damage.

Control Temperature and Humidity

Irregular temperatures and humidity levels are a firearm’s worst enemy. Even parts of the home we use most for storage, like garages, attics and sheds, are especially vulnerable to fluctuations. However, storing a gun safe against an interior wall can protect its contents from temperature fluctuations that occur in other areas.  You can also keep your firearms protected by using a dehumidifier in your storage area. When you keep humidity levels consistent, you help protect your most important gear for years of use and enjoyment.

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What Else Can You Do to Protect Your Firearms?

Along with proper storage, you can also prevent firearm rust by minimizing contamination. For example, coating a firearm in a thin layer of wax can help prevent the buildup of rust, along with cracks that result from spikes in levels of humidity.

We don’t always realize how much oil and sweat build up on our fingers and how this accumulation can lead to firearm rust, until the damage is visible. You can combat the effects of this by wearing gloves when handling firearms. Wearing white gloves, in particular, will help identify any buildup of dirt or rust, as particles show clearly on the gloves.

If rust does accumulate on a firearm, then disassemble and clean the gun completely. For thorough and safe cleaning, wear gloves and eye protection while scrubbing with gun cleaner and then apply wax to the firearm.

In addition to safe practices, there are innovative products on the market that keep your gun safe protected. For example, the exclusive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) capsules from Zerust Consumer Products emit a layer of nontoxic and protective molecules around metal equipment to prevent the buildup of rust. To use a VCI capsule, simply adhere to the interior of your gun safe.

You can also protect their gear with the company’s exclusive VCI poly bags for firearms of all sizes.

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