Finding the Right Large Injection Molding Companies

Best Large Injection Molding Companies 

When it comes to large injection molding companies Lerner Molded Plastics is leading its industry. Plastic injection molding is a process used to manufacture a large volume of identical parts. Lerner Molded Plastics is a full-service ISO certified facility provider that supports large part injection molded production with capabilities, including engineering and product development. Specializing in intricate multi-cavity molds, accommodating products from the very small to the very large, with shot sizes from 3 to 600 oz. With a  production facility equipped of injection molding machines ranging from clamping forces from 30 to 3000 tons, with up to 64 cavities. Visit to learn more.

To list, Lerner Molded Plastics Manufacturing capabilities include

  • Injection Molding – Accommodating injection molded components from small to large parts.
  • Blow Molding – Accommodating components of varying sizes, including the very large.
  • Extrusion Molding – Accommodating production volume from prototype to high volume runs.
  • Rotational Molding – Equipment capable of molding parts up to 35′ long and a weight of up to 175lbs., including single or multiple cavities.
  • Thermoforming – Accommodating components of up to 15′ in length.
  • Both Tool Design and Build – From small precision tools up to large, single-cavity tools, including prototype aluminum tooling, through cast or machine processes. Including, fabricate checking and assembly fixtures.
  • Secondary Operations – Both Decorating and Hot Stamping, Assembly, Packout, Bar Coding, and Labeling.
  • Supply Chain Services – Sourcing, Packaging, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Kanbans, and Logistical Support.

Additionally, they provide mold making and tooling. As well as thermoplastic and thermoset molding including custom colors. Let’s not forget their wide range of finishing operations, supply chain management, and logistical support. No wonder they have developed a reputation as a quality provider for customers in a wide range of industries. Among large injection molding companies, Lerner and Associates leads the way.

Advantages of Choosing Lerner Molded Plastics 

Have you and your team been comparing large injection molding companies? Without a doubt, the Lerner and Associates team takes pride in its part production. Operating an ISO certified facility, every manufacturing process is subjected to stringent quality measures from the beginning design phase to the end plastic products. Exceeding customers’ expectations and requirements with progress reporting, first product inspection, production part approval process (PPAP), and pre-production sampling. This Quality Management System allows for the plastics manufacturers to provide detailed information ensuring your project meets standards for both compliance and quality. Lerner and Associates stands out among large injection molding companies. For more information, visit

To list, Lerner and Associates customers benefit from: 

  • Both higher precision and tolerances
  • Lower costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Diverse material selection
  • Exceptional durability
  • Lightweight components

In addition, Lerner and Associates customers have the advantages of

  • A manufacturing base with the capabilities to deliver products throughout the United States.
  • Launching a new product.
  • Long-term part production.
  • Competitive bid for an existing product line.

Contact Lerner and Associates for a quote. If you have been looking for reliable product development, molding process, and part production, then count on Lerner and Associates.