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Legal Transcription Companies in USA | E-Typist

Both independent attorneys and established law firms can both benefit from the services of legal transcription companies in USAContact E-typist if your practice is in need of transcription services. They can provide transcriptions for any of your documents at an extremely efficient rate and reliable quality. E-Typist staff will transcribe your documents quickly and clearly- whether it’s investigations, pleadings, interviews, or reports. Furthermore, unparalleled service quality and affordable pricing for clients allows E-Typist to maintain its spot as one of the top legal transcription companies in the USA.

E-Typist Legal Transcription Services

Working with E-Typist gives you access to a paralegal who will work with you directly.  Everything will be handled in a secure, efficient manner including all of your communications, documents, and filings. E-Typist also offers a variety of options for communication between you and your paralegal. They will adapt to give your practice the most valuable service.

The E-Typist staff has incomparable experience in working with legal professionals. They can work quickly in a secure, confidential system with no setup fees. If the situation calls for it, E-Typist also offers 24-hour turnaround or same-day delivery. Furthermore, they offer storage services on their website portal which clients can easily access through their personal devices.

When working with E-Typist, you gain access to a team of skilled typists that can transcribe a myriad of different legal documents. This includes depositions, pleadings, summaries, and interviews. However, the capabilities of the E-typist staff offers up much more, including their extensive experience in law offices and ability to adapt to a wide variety of different speaking styles and accents. With these skills in hand, the E-Typist staff can reliably provide you with clear and accurate legal transcriptions.

E-Typist Secretarial Services | Legal Transcription Companies

In addition to legal transcription, E-Typist also offers secretarial services. A virtual secretary can provide support when your practice gains a large work load.E-Typist will assign an experienced secretary to work for you personally who will provide services that you would usually expect from an in-office staff member. The benefit is that you only have to pay for these services when you need them.

Gaining a personal, virtual secretary is quick and easy. Clients simply need to contact Vivian Saxe, and soon after, a dedicated, experienced secretary will be working for them. They can then tackle any important matters for the practice and take on some of the overbearing workload.

E-Typist’s virtual secretaries offer a large collection of services:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Making Calls
  • Internet Research
  • Transcribing Voicemail
  • Copying, Printing, Mailing

This is only a few of the many services you receive with a personal, virtual secretary. Contact E-Typist for more information.

About E-Typist | Legal Transcription Companies

For over 11 years, E-Typist has been servicing countless attorney and law firm clients. They also employ a large amount of typists for both full-time and part-time positions. President and CEO Vivian Saxe founded E-Typist after a 25-year career working closely with municipal court judges and private practice attorneys. This experience drove her to build a company that helps attorneys everywhere with legal transcription.

Vivan and the E-Typist staff have built a reputation for providing their clients with accurate transcriptions quickly and efficiently. They give each individual client the attention and effort they need to fulfill their unique needs. With cloud technology, E-Typist pairs their clients with virtual assistants that will accurately fit their office’s needs. E-Typist will link you to a skilled typist with experience in the same area of law as your practice whether it focuses on bankruptcy, family law, criminal cases, etc.

Law practices that are searching for legal transcription companies should contact E-Typist. They can offer high-quality transcriptions as well as reliable security and confidentiality.