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The Best Lockwire and Safety Wire Solutions on the Market

Lockwire is an essential component of ensuring the functionality, safety, and efficiency of machinery.  Lockwire is a type of wire that prevents fasteners from both loosening and falling out. However, the Malin Company takes functionality, safety, and efficiency one step further. 

Malin’s exclusive lock wire canister color-coding system distinguishes the company’s durable lock wire from other brands. In fact, the proprietary color-coding system makes for efficient storage while the canisters’ polyethylene makeup prevents both grease and corrosion.  Available products include

  • Both Copper and Brass Breakaway Wire | Lock Wire
  • Monel Aerospace Lockwire, Red Canister
  • Oxidized Inconel Aerospace Lock Wire, Orange Canister
  • Inconel Aerospace Lockwire, Yellow Canister
  • Stainless Steel Aerospace Lockwire, Blue Canister

Lockwire Canisters

If you want to get a job done right, then you need equipment that can handle the task at hand.  When handling tasks that require equipment to stay intact in high vibration environments, you can’t afford to use low-quality lockwire.  In fact, effective stainless steel lock wire stands up to corrosion and rust, ensuring your equipment can handle harsh environments.  From the aerospace and defense fields even to fishing and crafts, durable lock wire can help you get the job done.

Malin Co. lockwire manufacturing services

  • Straightened and Cut Wire
  • Electro Polished and Clean Wire
  • Finishes
    • Matte
    • Diamond Drawn Brite
    • Centerless Ground
    • Soap wire Finish
  • Safety Wire Forming 
  • Bar Coding
  • Lock Wire Drawing
    • Aluminum 
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Copper 
    • Nickel

What is lockwire?

Lockwire, also known as safety wire, is a type of locking device that secures fasteners, preventing them from loosening and falling out as a result of intense vibrations of other forces. This device will apply tension and hold fasteners in place when it is twisted around itself. Once it is linked to the fasteners, it is secured to an anchor point. As a result, it will stay twisted around the fastener and prevent loosening or unraveling.

As a leading provider of lockwire and safety wire products, Malin Co can develop solutions for a full range of industrial applications. These industries include aerospace, medicine, publishing, milling, and many more. In fact, many distinguished organizations in these industries depend on Malin Co. for their lockwire solutions. So, you know you can trust Malin for the highest quality wire products on the market.

Spools of Lockwire

About Malin Co.

Malin Co. has been a top manufacturer of lockwire, safety wire, and many other wire products for many years. In fact, Malin has been in the wire manufacturing industry since 1884. When looking for your lock wire products, you need a company that makes product quality and customer satisfaction their top priorities. Malin Co. does not only offer exceptional lockwire products and services, but they also have certification to ISO 9001:2015 due to their reliable quality control and superior customer service.

Most notably, Malin Co. distinguishes itself from other wire manufacturers by offering unparalleled product quality and a comprehensive selection of materials. Choose from a variety of high-quality materials including annealed brass wire, black oil tempered wire, soft bare single strand wire, soft tinned copper wire, and many more! However, if you do not know which material is best for your application, Malin’s staff of lockwire experts can provide you with professional recommendations based on your unique industry.

Malin Co. also offers superior materials testing capabilities with state-of-the-art X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing. In fact, this technology can accurately determine the composition of virtually any raw metal material. Furthermore, Malin’s testing is completely non-destructive with high-precision verification of steel grades as well as determining the presence of trace alloys. As a result, they can find the ideal material to fulfill your application requirements.

If you are looking for lockwire and safety wire manufacturers for your next project, contact Malin Co. today or visit their website at https://malinco.com/.

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