MBTS Accelerator For Rubber

MBTS Accelerator For Rubber

Since 1979, Western Reserve Chemical has been a premiere company that specializes in rubber products, chemicals and even has an MBTS accelerator for rubber. WESTCO is also a premier distributor of specialty chemicals and industrial intermediates to compounders and formulators. They provide a broad range of WESTCO brand chemicals including antioxidants, accelerators, tackifiers, retarders, waxes and more.

With the WESTCO products and parts, you are guaranteed quality and expertise from leaders in the chemical field. There are anti-degradants, blowing agents and the accelerators like the MBTS accelerator. “WESTCO™ MBTS accelerator for rubber is a general purpose accelerator for sulfur cures. It is very active above 142°C (287°F). Unlike thiuram disulfides, WESTCO™ MBTS does not split off active sulfur during vulcanization. For use in natural and synthetic rubber processing, the MBTS accelerator has a higher critical temperature than MBT, preventing early-cure and scorching. To conduct processing safely, it is recommended that MBTS be used in combination with basic accelerators such as TMTD.”

Here at ADVAN, Western Reserve Chemical has been a client since 2004 whom we’ve helped with all forms of marketing; to websites, brochures, business cards and branding items.  We recently launched a new website for them built on the WordPress platform that is both responsive and mobile friendly. They promise satisfaction and quality with all their products and chemicals at a low cost to buyers. Have Western Reserve Chemical meet your needs today!


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