Plastic Part Designer | Blue-Reed, LLC

Plastic Part Designer | Blue-Reed, LLC

The processes of plastic product design – rotational molding, blow molding, injection molding, etc. – all have guidelines necessary for creating high-quality plastic parts. If you are looking for a plastic part designer, Greg Stout and Blue-Reed LLC can get you exactly what you need every time; furthermore, Greg Stout will provide you with a great product and also guide you through each step of the design process.

Rotational molding is a specialized design field. With its distinct series of guidelines, rotomolding requires an experienced plastic part designer to ensure each product will be properly molded. Furthermore, it requires knowledge of the molding process itself, molding companies for manufacturing and in-depth knowledge on materials, tooling, and material flow. A background in plastics engineering is crucial for success in the manufacturing of rotomolded products. In addition to its series of specifications, rotomolding is a smaller industry relative to blow or injection molding; thus, the number of specialists in is extremely low. Blue-Reed is one of the few rotomolding specialists in the country.

Molding Designer | Greg Stout

Greg Stout offers services for design in the following plastic processes:

  • Rotational Molding Design
  • Blow Molding Design
  • Thermoforming Design
  • Injection Molding Design

Greg works with each of his clients to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition the design itself, he will find rotomolders, mold/tooling manufacturers, and more to create products of impecabble quality. Greg Stout has extensive experience in plastic part design and specializes in rotational molding and the design of hollow plastic products. With over 25 years of experience in rotomolding, Blue-Reed can offer unique product design. Blue-Reed also collaborates with rotomolders and mold makers to lower the costs of parts and tooling.

Product Design and Molding Services | Plastic Part Designer

Blue-Reed LLC offers a variety of plastic part design services.

Plastic Product Design

Blue-Reed assists each client through every step of the development and design process. They can ensure each product will meet requirements. If your product is in the conceptual stage or needs modifications to fit the design process, they will work with your injection molders, thermoformers, and rotomolders to adapt to your situation.

Plastic Mold Makers

Blue-Reed also has close connections with professional mold makers. Depending on your product’s design, budget, and your location, Blue-Reed will give you a list of rotomold makers who can offer the quality you need.

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding can produce hollow plastic parts ranging from simple to complex. This process works best with low-volume production and quantities of 2,000 or less per year; furthermore, rotomolding is much less expensive than injection or blow molding.

Rotomolding is also a great process for producing large plastic parts such as holding tanks, dumpster lids, playground equipment, boats, kayaks, , and more.

If you are looking for information on rotational molding, Blue-Reed can help you find the best resources. They have a network of professional connections with rotational molding companies, mold makers, and machinery manufacturers. Each client receives everything they could possibly need.

Anyone looking for a plastic product designer should contact Blue-Reed LLC. They can make you a high-quality product for a reasonable price.