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Today, we live in a society where technology permeates every aspect of everyday life. Therefore, keeping your technology secure becomes more important as time goes on. QualityIP is a top provider of IT services in Akron, Cleveland, and other Northeast Ohio areas. Whether it is your personal or business technology, maintaining a solid security is paramount. Businesses have an especially difficult time in today’s climate. Building a profit and a solid customer base is hard enough for most small business. Network security should not be a constant worry, yet it is a struggle for many growing businesses. However, QualityIP’s network services are designed for efficiency, safety, and success.

Managed Services and You

Many IT companies in the current tech services world employ a Break/Fix business model. This model requires that the customer contact their service provider for each and every IT issue, increasing both costs and frustration for the customer. However, QualityIP utilizes Managed Services system. Managed Services is a business model in which customers can pay a monthly fee for near-constant oversight for their technology. Company computers, networks, and infrastructure are all under the protective eye of QualityIP. Problems are dealt with as they occur instead of making the customer keep calling for individual instances. This not only eliminates the worrying over network security, but it also increases overall productivity in the workplace. Managed Services are one of the many reasons why QualityIP is a top provider of IT services in Akron.

The Importance of Security | IT Companies Akron

Network security and general technology breaches are increasing every day; therefore, building a strong security for your business is more important than ever before. QualityIP can help protect not only your businesses intellectual property, but also the personal information of both customers and employees. They will work to protect all valuable information with the many high-quality IT services they offer.

The QualityIP Legacy

QualityIP started its development towards becoming one of the top Akron IT companies in 2008. Since then, they have built their customer base to over 350 businesses in the Northeastern Ohio area, and they hope to add many more. Any businesses looking for IT services in Akron, Cleveland, or surrounding areas should contact QualityIP. They will work with you to help increase your businesses security and productivity with impeccable customer service.

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