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From medicine to manufacturing and printing to packaging, Becker offers a wide range of rotary vane pumps across numerous industries.  Your situation might call for vacuum, compression, or even both.  Becker’s selection has the solutions you have been looking for.  Rotary vane pumps are essential in effective healthcare, mass production, and aviation.  Find out how Becker’s rotary vane pumps can help your goods and services make the maximum impact.  

Leading the Industry

For over a century, Becker has pioneered pneumatic equipment technology.  From rotary vane pumps to regenerative blowers, Becker offers a broad spectrum of centralized air system technology for the modern company.  Whether the need lies in the laboratory, the operating room, or in the factory, Becker has the solution.

A Series for any Application

Becker’s distinct array of rotary vane pumps provides efficient solutions to a vast range of industries.  For example, the X Series oil-less pump may be the best pick for a medical or surgical application.  It makes minimal impact on surrounding air and boasts a long vane life and quiet operation.  The U Series oil-flooded pump could be most beneficial for a manufacturing need as it offers characteristic durability.  Whatever your industry, Becker can provide the ideal solution with the right rotary vane pumps for your organization’s needs.

Accessories for Rotary Vane Pumps

Becker also distinguishes itself as a leading resource for accessories that complement rotary vane pumps.  Rely on Becker for oil, gauges, and more.  These products exemplify Becker’s dedication to long-lasting results and the most current technology.

What Can Becker Do For You?

Becker has a unique international reach but also maintains a distinct local presence.  Reach out to Becker’s Cuyahoga Falls, OH location by calling (888) 633-1083 or filling out the contact form on  Find out how their range of rotary vane pumps can benefit your business, and what rotary vane pumps work best for your circumstance.