Adding Exclusive SAIVA Healthcare Software to Your Facility

SAIVA Healthcare AI | Maximizing Efficiency Across the Healthcare Continuum

Have you and your healthcare team been searching for SAIVA? When you and your colleagues put the exclusive software to work for your patients, you can reduce hospitalizations and allocate resources as effectively as possible.

Teams from across the healthcare industry depend on SAIVA AI to reduce hospitalization. With this in mind, you can learn more about the SAIVA Healthcare team and its work by visiting the company website.

How Could Exclusive Healthcare Software Help You and Your Team?

Exclusive software from SAIVA helps healthcare professionals to streamline patient risk assessment processes. Significantly, the technology puts machine learning to work for skilled nursing teams, telemedicine teams, hospitals, ACOs and home health professionals.

This exclusive healthcare software provides an alternative to traditional Risk Score algorithms and generates meaningful results. To list, customers benefit from measurable results regarding patient outcomes, ease of use and custom risk analysis. To find out how EHR data analysis from SAIVA could help maximize efficiency in your healthcare facility, connect with the experts from SAIVA Healthcare today.

SAIVA Post Acute Analytics | Premier Healthcare Software

Customers count on the company’s exclusive software for enhanced recognition of patients at risk of hospitalization or decline, confirmation of significant risk indicators and communication of suggested intervention methods.

An exclusive predictive model performs analysis across many nurse shifts and sends an alert if a patient is at risk of hospitalization within the next three days.

How Does the Exclusive System Work?

The system first uses 24 months of historical EHR data and then implements daily feeds to customize a machine learning structure for a specific facility. In two weeks, the software identifies and ranks the patients most at risk for hospitalization or decline.

The nurse then receives the Daily Risk Report by email. He or she then uses the data from the Daily Risk Report to investigate and triage. With consistent use, healthcare teams benefit from reduced rates of hospitalization, improved patient outcomes and increased census.

About SAIVA Healthcare | Leading Innovation in Healthcare Technology

Have you and your colleagues been trying to find a way to streamline care delivery across your facility? The team from Silicon Valley-based SAIVA commits to significantly improve outcomes for patients in post-acute care facilities.

Customers count on these engineers, healthcare technology experts and data scientists for software that predicts risk and fuels timely intervention. To learn more about EHR machine learning from SAIVA, visit today.