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Sealing Criminal Records In Ohio | Second Chance | Davis Law Group

Searching for Sealing Criminal Records In Ohio? Davis Law Group, Attorneys at Law is here to help you gain your second chance. Do you have an arrest, charge, or convicted of a crime? If you answered yes, then you know that your past record is basically available to anyone who searches for it. Therefore, any potential employers, college admission office, or landlords can search online to see that you have a criminal record. Having a criminal arrest and/or conviction record should not hinder one’s abilities to better and redeem themselves.

Davis Law Attorneys understand the impact that sealing criminal records can have on their clients. Mistakes in the past need not reflect on the person you have become. One of the substantial challenges of those with convictions is the inability to earn a job. Job applications typically ask whether or not you have been convicted of a felony or have a criminal record.

Understanding The Process Of Sealing Criminal Records In Ohio

As of October of 2018, Sealing criminal records in Ohio was put into action. For persons with up to five fourth-degree or fifth-degree felonies, unlimited misdemeanors you can possibly get these records sealed. Prior to this passing, persons with up to two misdemeanors or one felony, one misdemeanor could get their records sealed.

So what exactly does sealing criminal records Mean? Record sealing is the process of sealing and or destroying court records that would be accessible to the public. Therefore, once the record is sealed specific files or documents can only then be opened with a court order. Once the criminal record has been sealed, the charge itself still exists. However, an electronic record is kept separate from the paper record in a secure location. This process will benefit persons with sealed criminal records in Ohio when applying for most jobs. No longer will you need to disclose any previous convictions, arrests or charges.

With all due processes, there are a few limitations to employer access based on the descriptions of the job. Limitations include persons enlisting in the military and employment fields that work with children, elderly or disabled populations. Davis Law attorneys will assist you in answering all questions you might have concerning what limitations can affect your records. Additionally, a sealed record can also benefit persons when applying for higher education, credit, housing and more.

Davis Law Group Is On Your Side

Davis Law Group is here to help you gain your second chance. Schedule your free consultation today to see if your situation meets the requirements and eligibility to have your record sealed. The process itself as with any criminal process can be comprehensive and sometimes complicated. Therefore, this is why you need Davis Law on your side. A team of knowledgeable legal professionals doing the footwork and paperwork to assist in making your new chapter in life.

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If you are in need of sealing criminal records in Ohio call the Davis Law Group to see how they can start your process. Learn more about the Davis Law Group on the Unframed World Design Blog or visit their website.


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