A More Sanitary Workplace | Better Sight Glass from Unibloc

What is a Sight Glass and Why Does it Matter What Brand I Use?

A sight glass, otherwise known as a water gauge, is a type of level sensor, a transparent tube through which the operator of a tank or boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within. A simple sight glass might be just a plastic or glass tube connected to the bottom of the specific tanks at one end, and the top of the tank at the other. The level of liquid in the sight glass will accurately display the level of liquid in the tank.

The sight glass on a boiler, for example, needs to be inspected periodically and replaced if it wears thin.   It’s important to work with a supplier that won’t leave you scrambling for a replacement if this happens, or better yet, invest in high quality first and foremost.

A More Sanitary Workplace | Better Sight Glass from Unibloc

Unibloc Innovative Sight Glasses

Unibloc’s sight glasses are specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, chemical, and personal care industries, helping meet the manufacturing needs for a variety of liquid types and processing requirements. Each of Unibloc’s innovative sight glasses is made with stainless steel,  electropolished components, and fine surface finishes as standard features that provide durability and expert craftsmanship.

Unibloc’s sight glasses come in two types: the Bulls-Eye and the In-Line, both of which offer superior performance for high and low-pressure applications. Both styles and designs have their place, and it’s important to fully understand when you could possible need each type.

Bulls-Eye Sight Glass

A Bulls-Eye sight glass is fitted with two rigid glass view-ports on opposite sides for versatility in positioning or repositioning the equipment as needed. Inside the retainers are special gaskets, as well as a fine threaded ring that keeps the sight glass disks in place. A Bulls-Eye sight glass is ideal for extra protection during monitoring and observing your active process.

Unibloc’s industry leading designers, customer service representatives and manufacturers work together to carefully examine every part for quality, procure all of the strongest materials, and ensure there’s no disruption in your workday as the result of a failed sight glass. Acrylic glass adds extra durability and is available on every bulls-eye sight glass.

In-Line or Reflex Sight Glass

Used in industrial boiler level gauges and applications to display and read the level. The specially designed groove in in-line sight glass makes the liquid reading clearer. The glass used will need to be finely ground, polished and toughened during processing to make sure it’s strong and highly transparent. It must also be able to resist the erosion of the liquid in the boiler.

For high pressure liquids and industries where safety concerns are prominent, opting for Unibloc’s in-line sight glass is a great move.

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Unibloc Pump, they are proud to maintain a reputation of exceptional craftsmanship and an uncompromising commitment to customer service. Since 1984, Unibloc has provided the food and beverage, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical and more industries with precision-engineered sanitary pumps, strainers and sight glass to take on the toughest jobs.

They are the premier designers of simple, easy-to-clean in place (CIP) or clean out of place (COP) pumps that decrease downtime, achieve a lower cost of operation and meet your deadlines with confidence. Unibloc stand ready, willing and able to deliver the best products for your industry. Visit them online at https://uniblocpump.com/