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Snare Trap Wire | Small Game | High-Quality

If you’re a hunter/Trapper looking for a high-quality snare trap wire Malin Co. has what you’re looking for. Sine 1884, Malin Co has earned a reputation for reliability and success with its snare trap wire. Thus being the ultimate tool for all outdoor survivalists of all levels. With many hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts relying on this snare wire for many other uses, snare wire should be one of the top elements in your survival kit.  Malin Co. is one of the highest quality wire product manufacturers in the industry.

Experienced hunters will simply say that snares are one of the simplest yet most effective traps. By placing the snares along game trails and watering holes to trap unsuspecting prey. Most often this application type is for small game such as rabbit, squirrel and ground-dwelling fowl. Snare trap wire specialty design is to be effective in virtually any climate and environment. As with any huntsman, strategies be sure to check the local and state laws within the area to learn all of its trapping regulations.

With snare wires unparalleled versatility and flexibility it has countless uses in addition to trapping and hunting. So even if you’re just an outdoor enthusiast; snare trap wire can assist in:

  • Building and supporting any shelter
  • Securing gear
  • Tripwire alarms
  • Boundary settings
  • And many more outdoor uses

The wire can easily be added to a day-hike backpack, ATV storage, and kept at all campsites. Malin’s snare wire is sold in bulk packaging that includes a 100-count box of coils. Therefore you never have to be without this necessity. Coils easily fit into backpacks and storage of just about any kind. You can depend on Malin to have quality wiring solutions for every situation, every time.

About Malin Company | Safety Wire Products

Malin Company has been supplying a multitude of high-quality wire-based products to the industry for many years. Industries including aerospace, medical, hardware supply, mill supply, catalog houses, fishing, and hunting supply and many more. Malin’s expertise includes safety lock wire, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, nickel-titanium, and galvanized steel. With a wide selection of products ranging from fishing wire to medical wire, it’s feasible they can help with any wire needs. Anyone in need of snare trap wire or other wire products should take time to contact Malin Company or visit their website. 

Advan Design | Safety Wire from the Specialists at Malin Co.

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Malin Company the Safety Wire, Lock Wire, and Stainless Steel Wire Experts!  

Malin Company the Safety Wire, Lock Wire, and Stainless Steel Wire Experts!

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