Top 10 Options for Cataract Surgery Near Me

The Typical Cataract Surgery Process

You may have considered cataract surgery in the past, but decided against committing to the procedure out of uncertainty regarding the process or recovery. However, cataract surgery could be one of the best investments you make in your vision and your overall well-being.

Many prospective cataract surgery patients don’t realize the procedure typically only takes between 10 and 15 minutes and that the worst part of recovery tends to only be minor itching of the eyes. While vision can be slightly blurry the day following surgery, most patients report significant restoration of their vision within one to two weeks after the procedure. What does cataract surgery involve?

While every patient and procedure is different, cataract surgery follows a typical sequence of steps. In most cases, a surgeon first applies eye drops to the patient’s eye to dilate the pupil. Next, the surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to numb the patient’s eye, and in some patients, administer a sedative.

Then, the surgeon will either use an ultrasound probe to break up the affected lens and suction out the pieces or make an incision to remove the lens in a single piece. After this, a surgeon will place an artificial lens and administer stitches.

See below to learn about the options available to you when searching for leading providers of cataract surgery near me in Northeast Ohio.

Top 10 Options for Cataract Surgery Near Me

Top 10 Providers of Cataract Surgery Near Me

1. Davis Eye Center

When you need a reliable provider of cataract surgery, the dedicated team of eye care professionals from Davis Eye Center of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio should be your first choice.

Davis Eye Center distinguishes itself from other cataract surgery providers in Northeast Ohio by offering the LenSx Laser System for optimal efficiency and accuracy. The team was the first in Northeast Ohio to offer this exclusive technology. The state-of-the-art LenSx femtosecond laser automates the most complex aspects of cataract treatment.

Laser-assisted, bladeless technology characterizes the system to provide the ideal results. When surgeons use LenSx technology, they can provide more accurate incisions, correct astigmatism and break up unhealthy lenses easily. The technology allows surgeons to automate what would they otherwise perform by hand. This system also produces refractive-like results from which patients could not otherwise benefit through conventional cataract treatment.

The eye care team from Davis Eye Center offers a range of intraocular lens (IOL) options to suit nearly any vision need. Patients can work with their physicians to choose between multifocal, bifocal, astigmatism-correcting toric and monovision lens options.

Davis Eye Center owner and surgeon Charles H. Davis, D.O. has performed more than 33,000 cataract surgeries over the course of his career. Above all, the providers from Davis Eye Center commits to ensuring all patients receive the ideal care, even if they have to recommend other doctors.

Along with premier cataract surgery, patients count on the team from Davis Eye Center for LASIK surgery, routine eye care, macular degeneration care, glaucoma treatment and more. No matter the state of your vision or ocular health, the team from Davis Eye Center will commit to your well-being, comfort and safety.

If you are ready to start seeing the world in a new way and restoring your vision, connect with the eye care team from Davis Eye Center today. Simply visit today to find out more.

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2. Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons

For more than three decades, patients from across the community have counted on Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons for reliable eyesight restoration. The team recognizes each patient and every case is unique and tailors treatment to every patient’s unique needs.

The Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons network implements the latest in surgical technology and adds convenience to cataract care.

Patients depend on the team from Northeast Ohio Eye surgeons for conventional cataract surgery, laser-assisted surgery as well as multiple artificial lens options. The network provides a full-service eye care experience along with cataract care. Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons is a go-to resource for family eye care, treatment of retina and cornea conditions, LASIK treatment, multiple surgical services and glaucoma care.

3. Cataract Pros

Drs. Peter Schmid and Shamik Bafna of Akron, Ohio’s own Cataract Pros provide fast and convenient cataract surgery to patients from all over the Northeast Ohio area. You can count on Cataract Pros for a comfortable and stress-free experience as you take control of your ocular health and quality of vision.

4. North Coast Eye Surgery

Patients count on Ravi Berger, MD and North Coast Eye Surgery of Middleburg Heights, Ohio for leading cataract treatment along with a comprehensive range of other eye care services. Dr. Berger has served the Northeast Ohio community since 2006. North Coast Eye Surgery cataract patients have the advantages of advanced surgical technology and an impressive selection of artificial lenses.

When patients choose North Coast Eye Surgery for cataract surgery, they can benefit from customized care and compassionate service. In addition to cataract care and other ophthalmic treatments, the North Coast Eye Surgery team takes great pride in offering a full selection of cosmetic treatments for the eyes and the surrounding tissues. Count on the team for dermal fillers, eyelid lifts, laser skin resurfacing and more. North Coast Eye Surgery accepts a wide range of insurance plans, including commercial options and Medicare.

5. Roholt Vision Institute

When you need convenient vision correction, you can count on the physicians from Roholt Vision Institute. With offices in North Canton, Alliance and Canfield, Ohio, the team from Roholt Vision Institute can provide the most convenient solution for you.

The team is able to minimize the use of traditional eyeglasses and contact lenses in patients following cataract surgery with the exclusive RxSight® adjustable lens. Along with cataracts, the innovation can aid in the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The option is ideal for cataract patients with careers that have specific vision requirements.

6. Tallmadge Vision Clinic

Lawrence Roth, O.D. has been serving patients across Northeast Ohio since 1984. From cataract surgery to LASIK procedures to corneal refractive therapy, Tallmadge Vision Clinic provides a comprehensive eye care option. Patients also look to Tallmadge Vision Clinic for an extensive selection of eyeglass frames. Choose from a complete selection of colors, shapes and designers to suit your style.

7. Eye Centers of Ohio

Eye Centers of Ohio is the product of the 1997 merger between Canton Eye Center and Stark County Eye Clinic. With a five-doctor team and two convenient locations, the center can provide your ideal vision restoration solution without disrupting your busy lifestyle.

The team of providers from Canton’s Eye Centers of Ohio has followed the lead of other innovators in Northeast Ohio eye care and become a resource for cataract surgery implementing LenSx technology. Count on Eye Centers of Ohio for bladeless cataract solutions along with a variety of artificial lens options.

8. Insight Eye Center

Dr. Michael Rom from Insight Eye Center has provided more than 25,000 cataract surgeries during his career. Patients can receive quality care from the center’s Mentor or Chardon locations and benefit from a comprehensive range of eye care services. The Insight Eye Center team maintains the most current in surgical technology and commits to treating every patient like family.

9. Novus Clinic Total Eye Care

Novus Clinic Total Eye Care is a go-to provider of both advanced refractive and standard cataract surgery. Since 1992, patients have relied on Novus Eye Care for comprehensive eye care. Patients also count on Novus Clinic for cosmetic treatments. The clinic has become a reliable resource for facial peels, injectables, laser hair removal and dermal fillers.

10. Cleveland Eye Clinic

Since its beginnings in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Eye Clinic has expanded to five locations across Northeast Ohio to offer convenient care to its community. When you need cataract surgery, you can count on Cleveland Eye Clinic for packages that treat distance vision, customized results and independence from prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Cleveland Eye Clinic offers a full range of care financing options to ensure patients receive quality care at an affordable price. Patients can access leading surgical treatment across four convenient locations around Northeast Ohio.

Top 10 Options for Cataract Surgery Near Me

When you struggle with cataracts, you often find yourself missing out on some of life’s most special moments. Cataracts and the resulting vision loss can be debilitating and heartbreaking. Even though cataracts are often a normal part of the aging process, there is no reason to let them control you and prevent you from enjoying life. When you receive cataract surgery, you can see the world in a new way.