What Are The Advantages Of Metal Stamping?

Why Choose Metal Stamping For Your Next Project?

If you’re seeking metal stamping manufacturers for a project, it’s good to know a bit about the process and how metal stamping parts are made. Metal stamping is the process of reshaping sheet metal through a die containing various workstations. Basically, the die serves as a cookie cutter for forming metal components of different shapes and sizes. The die is versatile in function and can cut, coin, emboss, draw, and shave metal to make parts with lots of specifications. 

Metal stamping is great for getting complex jobs done right because it makes it easy to follow strict specifications. By meeting these specifications with industrial stamping, you can ensure your project is done right because the metal components will be able to withstand whatever task you need them to.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of metal stamping manufacturing:


Metal stamping manufacturers use machinery that makes automation a breeze. This process allows for the integration of subordinate procedures, meaning you can easily add in processes needed to get the parts done right. There’s no need to change the entire metal stamping process when something needs added thanks to swift automation.

Cost Effectiveness

Metal stamping manufacturers can get these jobs done at competitive prices. That’s because the stamping process is quick and automated, meaning there’s a lot less labor involved. For projects with high volume, metal stamping is also a great choice because it can produce large quantities without costs rising sharply.

High Quality and Low Waste

As mentioned, given the technical, advanced capabilities of industrial metal stamping, this process is able to produce quality parts, no matter the specifications you need. By adding in processes, metal stamping seamlessly integrates with any product. Also, when compared to other metal formation methods, metal stamping manufacturing produces significantly less waste. You’re getting the most for your money with the least amount of waste when you work with leading metal stamping manufacturers. 

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Types Of Metal Stamping

Because metal stamping is such a versatile process, there are different types of industrial stamping to fit different jobs. Deep draw metal stamping is one such type of stamping that forms metal into a round, square, or rectangular shape called a case. For a process to be considered “deep drawn,” usually the height of the case is two times the diameter depending on the component specifications.

Deep draw metal stamping is often used in aerospace, automotive, and electrical industries. Like all types of industrial stamping, it can create quality products that fit your specifications.

Stamping manufacturing can also offer solutions for high-precision, custom metal stamping. When your project needs to fit a specific set of needs, you’ll want a precise process that can deliver a final product you can trust. Thankfully, when you partner with the metal stamping manufacturers at Wedge Products, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

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Partner With The Right Metal Stamping Manufacturers | About Wedge Products

When your company decides to take the next steps and find the right metal stamping manufacturers, it’s important to pick a company that values its customers and delivers a quality product. At Wedge Products, their team has the tools and capabilities to tackle all types of metal stamping parts.

Wedge Products is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer. They serve the aerospace and military industries, providing top-quality parts that perform at the highest level. Wedge Products provides a full range of aerospace metal stamping services and light assembly at competitive prices. Their team believes that all customers deserve access to great products and that high prices shouldn’t put a barrier between consumer and quality.

Wedge Products is committed to quality control. Their computerized quality assurance program ensures that accuracy and standards are maintained throughout the metal stamping manufacturing process. Wedge Products has over 64 presses with capacities ranging from 3-400 tons. No project is too big or small for this team to take on.

There’s a reason Wedge Products is one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers. Learn more at https://www.wedgeproducts.com/index.html  

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