What Are the Advantages of Yard Ramp Rentals?

When is it Better to Rent a Yard Ramp Than it is to Buy One?

Do you need to find the right yard ramp for a one-time event or a temporary facility setup? If so, then yard ramp rentals are a great solution. A durable yard ramp makes loading and unloading tasks quick and easy. However, if you want to maximize the ramp’s value, make sure you’re getting optimal use out of the ramp.

Need to streamline your material handling operations at a discount? Maximize efficiency and save with yard ramp rentals. Some ramps can cost up to $15,000, while renting allows you to implement a yard ramp in your space for around $5,000. In most cases, the longer you use the rented ramp, the lower rate you pay per month.

When you rent a yard ramp rather than make a purchase, you also have the opportunity to find out how a ramp benefits your business before fully committing.

How Can I Rent the Best Yard Ramp for My Space?

While every project is different, there are some factors you should consider before renting a yard ramp. First, think about your project timeline. How long will you need to use a yard ramp? In many cases, businesses will rent a ramp by the month, so if you need equipment for less than a month, remember that the transport fees add up quickly. However, if you need a ramp for several months at a time, then a purchase may be the best option.

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You should also think about the specific weight limit and ramp size necessary for your project. In most cases, you can determine the maximum weight limit of a ramp by taking the capacity of your fork truck and multiplying it by three. For most truck loading tasks, a ramp 84” in width will be effective. On the other hand, you should use a ramp that is 70” wide for dock-to-ground tasks. You should also remember that ramp level offs allow for easier forklift movement.

Choose Copperloy To Upgrade Your Loading Dock

To get the most out of yard ramp rentals, equipment from Twinsburg, Ohio’s own Copperloy should be your first choice. For more than five decades, Copperloy has been a go-to resource for construction companies, teams in the military and defense sectors, metal processing businesses, and so many others. Add a Copperloy ramp to your loading dock to make it a safer, more efficient, and more profitable place to work.

Why should you rent a Copperloy yard ramp ahead of competing installations? These pieces of equipment are notable for both ease of use and ease of maintenance. Where other ramps have limited you, Copperloy ramps will help you transform your loading dock for optimal productivity.

These ramps raise two and a half times more quickly than other yard ramps. Copperloy ramps also feature exclusive shark-tooth steel deck grating that lets precipitation, dirt, and other debris fall through and away from the ramp to keep cleaning easy.

To the Copperloy team, yard ramp safety is everything. In fact, Copperloy ramps come with an exclusive range of standard safety features including smooth side plates, safety curbs, and positioning sleeves.

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Along with top-quality yard ramp rentals, teams of all kinds look to Copperloy for a diverse selection of dock to ground ramps, edge of dock levelers, dock boards, dock plates, and material handling accessories.

Do you need to find a custom yard ramp for your loading dock? Copperloy offers premier custom steel fabrication and design services. Along with high-quality custom yard ramps, partner with Copperloy for custom-made lift tables, dock plates, dock to ground ramps, rebar pallets, rail boards, and more.

Whether you need to buy or rent a yard ramp or plan to invest in new or used equipment, the team from Copperloy has everything you need. To see a full selection of Copperloy’s yard ramps and other material handling options and to request a quote for your facility, visit https://copperloy.com/ today.