5 Reasons To Invest in EH&S Inspection Software

How EH&S Inspection Software Makes Your Workplace Safer

Inspecting assets like fire extinguishers, emergency lights, alarms, and sprinkler systems is imperative to workplace safety. In the case of an emergency, you don’t have time to come up with a backup plan if your safety assets aren’t working. The best time to tackle these problems is beforehand with routine inspections that keep track of faulty equipment and keep you up to date with safety codes. Doing the preparation now means that if an accident were to happen, you don’t have to think twice before using safety equipment.

Thankfully, we live in a modern world where manual safety inspections are simply outdated. We have innovative EH&S inspection software that streamlines the inspection process, and leaves no room for human error.

Here’s five reasons why you should invest in EH&S inspection software. 

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#1: Speed And Efficiency

When you use automated EH&S inspection software, you can say goodbye to tedious errors and tracking. When you choose inspection software from InspectNTrack, you can utilize barcode scanning hardware and route planning for your inspections.

Barcode-scanning hardware is exactly what it sounds like: devices that scan barcodes on safety assets. For companies that don’t utilize hardware, InspectNTrack’s software allows you to use the camera on your phone to perform the same function. You can have an asset scanned in just a few seconds.

Route planning is another efficient feature of EH&S inspection software. If you’re on a large campus or building, you can use the InspectNTrack software to plan out the most efficient route for you (or your safety professional) to take. Not only are you saving time, but you’re ensuring no asset is left behind.

#2: Customize How You Want 

With manual reporting, it’s hard to keep track of customized reports. Your safety professional ends up with mounds of spreadsheets that are difficult to organize and understand. With InspectNTrack EH&S inspection software, you can generate customized reports that present the information you want. Plus, these reports can be automatically delivered to safety authorities and demonstrate your compliance with the latest safety standards.

#3: No More Human Errors

A streamlined EH&S inspection software leaves no room for human error. Should one of your assets have an issue, InspectNTrack’s software generates reports and reminders for safety professionals to go back and fix or replace that equipment. Plus, with the automatic reporting and data entry, you’ll keep track of the information you need without the hassle of paper reports.

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#4: Stay Up To Code

Upholding safety regulations is critical for any business or university, and EH&S inspection software can help. InspectNTrack’s software is proudly compliant with the National Fire Protection Association, and other safety associations. When you know your inspection software is up-to-code, you can rest assured that your facility is as safe as it can be.

#5: Easy Implementation

There’s no need to worry about changing systems, because InspectNTrack EH&S inspection software is easy to implement into your workplace. The app is easy to use and understand, and the barcode scanning capabilities are flexible and accept various types of barcodes. Plus, this inspection software is cloud hosted, which means you can access the system from anywhere without the use of expensive servers and maintenance. 

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About InspectNTrack

If you’re still performing manual safety inspections, it’s time to make a change. EH&S automated inspection software is fast, reliable, and safer for your workplace. 

InspectNTrack was designed by EH&S professionals who understand the industry and what features work best. Their barcode inspection app seamlessly schedules, tracks, and documents inspections on a number of safety assets. From higher education to health care, industries everywhere trust InspectNTrack to keep them safe. 

To learn more about how their software can help you, visit https://inspecttrack.com/