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Aluminum Loading Ramps | Copperloy by JH Industries


About Copperloy by JH Industries: Leaders in the Material Handling and Loading Dock Equipment Industries


This Twinsburg, Ohio-based company produces durable products such as aluminum loading ramps for businesses across the country and across countless fields.  As a result, Copperloy has stood out for over five decades as a premier manufacturer of material handling and loading dock equipment. Notably, the Twinsburg facility is the home base for all of Copperloy’s design, engineering, and manufacturing work. For this reason, collaboration between departments and efficient communication with customers thrive.  Impressively, Copperloy’s headquarters takes advantage of the most current computer numerical control (CNC) technology as well as the latest robotic advances. Some of the numerous industries Copperloy serves are the plastics machinery, light assembly and wind energy fields.  Additionally, Copperloy’s selection of products spans an impressive range. For instance, key products include:

  • Aluminum loading ramps
  • Edge of dock levelers
  • Wheel chocks
  • Lift tables 
  • Dock boards
  • Trailer jacks
  • Dock plates
  • Portable platforms
  • Yard ramps
  • Van ramps
  • Walk boards
  • Portable dock ramps


Aluminum Loading Ramps from Copperloy by JH Industries


Certainly, the design of Copperloy’s aluminum loading ramps makes for efficient operation.  This structure also leads to faster raise times, less damage over time, and improved stability.  Additionally, the exclusive ramp structure uses significantly lower amounts of pressure than competing aluminum loading ramps.  

In summary, the most critical components of Copperloy’s aluminum loading ramps include: an 8 foot level off, 15 inch lip, hydraulic pump, low end plate, high-traction deck grating, safety curbs, 18 inch solid and pneumatic tires, and a positioning sleeve.  Interestingly, Copperloy also offers an optional towbar for its aluminum loading ramps.  

Without question, aluminum loading ramps from Copperloy by JH Industries would be a positive investment in the efficiency of your business.  In fact, you can reach out to Copperloy today to find out how their expertise can help you enhance your space.  

Custom Steel Fabrication and Design Services From Copperloy by JH Industries

Impressively, the Copperloy by JH Industries team stands out among the rest for the company’s exclusive custom steel fabrication and design services.  First, you can send the experts your company’s CAD drawings. Then, they can work to design the product you need. However, they can also begin the initial imaging process themselves.  Some of Copperloy’s past customizations include:

  • Aluminum loading ramps
  • Rebar pallets
  • Automation
  • Machinery tooling
  • Bases
  • Frames
  • Machined tables
  • Precision machining
  • Rail boards
  • Dock to ground ramps
  • Lift tables
  • Pit mount dock lift

Overall, Aluminum loading ramps are most effective when the design and manufacturing processes have the customer’s specific goals in mind.  Above all else, Copperloy by JH Industries realizes this and commits to helping their client businesses achieve maximum safety, profitability, and efficiency through quality equipment.  The company also realizes different settings and situations call for different materials.  For this reason, they have amassed the capability and resources to use numerous materials in their custom projects.  Some of these materials include:

  • Low carbon steel 
  • Specialty steels
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Beryllium copper
  • Plastics
  • Nylon
  • Brass
  • Copper-brass
  • Open steel floor grating
  • Stainless steel
  • Round, square, and rectangular tubing
  • Pipe
  • T1 plate

Getting in Touch With the Manufacturing and Design Experts at Copperloy by JH Industries

Fortunately, to connect with Copperloy, prospective customers can simply fill out the online contact form on  Also, you can send written correspondence to the address below or a phone call or fax to the numbers below.  

JH Industries, Inc

1981 East Aurora Road

Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

Phone: (330) 963-4105

Toll-Free: (800) 321-4968

Fax: (330) 963-4111


Copperloy and Advan Design: A Partnership

First, companies seeking to invest in the efficiency of their space should consider their existing material handling layout.  Next, they should certainly think about including Copperloy’s aluminum loading ramps to their facilities.  The professionals at Copperloy clearly attribute a great deal of their success to the active maintenance of their digital presence as well as their offline image.  Clearly, they have the advantage of Advan Design’s exclusive search engine optimization (SEO) packages, conversion rate optimization (CRO) plans, brochure design services, and so much more.  Specifically, to learn more about aluminum loading ramps, visit  With this in mind, you can find even more information about Copperloy’s manufacturing and design work on the Advan Design blog, of course. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp! 

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