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Bus Driver Training – Proper Training Is Fundamental

When searching for bus driver training courses, be sure to put School Bus Safety Company at the top of your list. When considering obtaining a commercial driver’s license, proper training is fundamentally when it comes to keeping kids safe. SBSC offers the most comprehensive bus driver training program. This Hudson based company has been offering renowned services for over twenty years.

SBSC has developed an efficient, comprehensive training course that focuses on producing safe certified drivers. Their number one purpose is simple; To keep children safe. These courses are built on providing high-quality safety videos that are created by a team of performance improvement experts and are designed to change the behavior of the driver to avoid accidents and keep everyone safe. In the past, their work was private-labeled and not available to district bus fleets before. Now their award-winning programs, including their breakthrough bus safety videos, are available for all the public. 

Keeping Your Kids Safe

School bus drivers need to be capable of safe transportation of students to and from school. Parents need to know that school drivers will keep their precious cargo safe inside the bus as well. 

SBSC also offers courses on transporting students with special needs, bullying prevention on the school bus, and safety leadership. They even offer a program that teaches kids from pre-K to sixth grade about student safety on the bus. This is a very effective program that every school should provide for all their students using school bus transportation. 

This program is designed to focus on bully prevention on the bus, safety leadership training, and training to handle special needs children on the bus. Their school bus training courses for drivers provides the skills needed to handle any type of situation; keeping students in the best position of safety at all times.

Visit the website, they offer demo videos displaying what they do, and what they teach. See for yourself how they are making a difference in the lives of those on the road every day. You can also read testimonials by satisfied customers and experts in safety training that recommend the School Bus Safety Company. There’s a reason why they remain number one in school bus driver training and student safety.

Meet The President That’s Raising The Standards

Jeff Cassell is the president of SBSC and has more than twenty years of experience with safety services. With prior experience as a Risk Manager for the Laidlaw Group. During his 21 years in this position, Cassell had a variety of responsibilities that he handled expertly. He oversaw the safety practices for the members of the Laidlaw Group. The members collectively operated 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches, 6,000 transit buses, and 38,000 school buses.

Mr. Cassell saw a need and played a major role in implementing more than 38, 000 crossing gates on buses and for the first major installation of the Child Checkmate System which makes sure drivers check for sleeping children. He has worked hard and diligently to make sure drivers, passengers and pedestrians have the safety knowledge they need to be able to handle any situation.

Raising the bar and setting standards for drivers to “Do it right, the first time, every time” in everything they do. When this action is employed, accidents can get reduced by up to 50%. Start with the basics, offering drivers the best bus driver training course, creating the foundation for everything else you do.

School Bus Safety Company 

SBSC’S team of performance improvement experts; specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. The breakthrough series of school bus safety video programs and study guides are designed by a team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. A program designed to improve driver behavior and reduce the chance of accidents. Their bus driver training program is based on a collection of safety-focused videos, and in addition to the original course content, SBSC has also recently added to the program. There are now ten more subjects in the content collection. 

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SBSC is dedicated to keeping children safe with highly trained drivers who have taken the school bus driver training courses and know how to do their job the right way, the first time and every time. Order their products online now or request a free demo disk that shows what the company is all about and how safety is their number one priority.

If you are looking to become a certified bus driver, consider SBSC bus driver training. Their courses will transform you into a safe and reliable bus driver. Learn more about them on the Unframed World Design Blog or visit their website.