What are Common Applications for Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line? | A Guide to this Machine

Applications for a Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line | Everything You Need to Know

A corrugated pipe extrusion line is a versatile piece of equipment used to convert raw plastic into a tubular melt or other shape. Under the umbrella of extrusion line equipment, there are dozens of variations, as extrusion is a specialized process that can melt and form plastic into different types of continuous profiles.

Think of an extrusion line machine as a type of assembly line that is made up of different units. Each unit has its own purpose and aids in the process of forming the final plastic product. Rather than the machine performing one job, a corrugated pipe extrusion line performs many jobs in one cycle thanks to its compound design.

If you are interested in adding a corrugated pipe extrusion line or PVC corrugated pipe machine to your inventory, then it helps to understand the applications of these machines. That way, you will know what to expect from this equipment and you will have an easier time making a smart purchase.

Function and Application | Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Corrugated Pipe Extrusion LineA corrugated pipe extrusion line is used to produce single or double wall corrugated pipes of PE, PVC, PP, or EVA continuously. In order to form these pipes, this extrusion line most often uses a type of vacuum calibration to shape a smooth tube. The pressurized air can penetrate through channels of the corrugated pipe extrusion line and begin shaping the plastic. Depending on the type of final product, the level of air pressure will vary.

After the air pressure in the PVC corrugated pipe machine has shaped the plastic, it moves into a cooling station. The cooling process allows the pipe and/or plastic product to form a stable shape that will not bend or change for the duration of the process. 

Once the PVC corrugated pipe machine cools down the product(s), it is passed to a haul off unit that pulls the plastic profile out to extract it from the extrusion line. Finally, the plastic pipe profile can be cut into the desired shape. For corrugated pipe extrusion line applications, the cutting process will shape the profile into tubes / pipes, which requires a type of coil that can create this precise product.

How Can I Use A PVC Corrugated Pipe Machine?

If your facility needs to manufacture corrugated pipes, then the corrugated pipe extrusion line is the perfect machine for you. Corrugated pipes are commonly used in systems such as:

  • Storm drainage
  • Subsurface drainage
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Highway drainage

Corrugated pipes are extremely versatile because they are more flexible than other types of pipes, which means they can curve and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. When made with a quality corrugated pipe extrusion line, these pipes will also be long-lasting and able to withstand demanding conditions.

Find the Best PVC Corrugated Pipe Machine

If you need to add a PVC corrugated pipe machine to your facility, then it’s time to find a reliable manufacturer or seller. It helps to first determine if you want to buy new or used equipment. When a new corrugated pipe extrusion line comes with the benefit of innovation, it also comes at a high price. There are reliable used plastic processing equipment sellers that repurpose used extrusion lines and sell them like new. If you are on a budget and looking for a different option, consider connecting with a used equipment seller.

Keep in mind some brands of extrusion lines that you think will fit your needs, and talk to the manufacturer if you have questions. When you do your research beforehand, you’ll have better luck purchasing the best corrugated pipe extrusion line for your facility.