How To Find the Best Metal Finishing Company Near Me

What You Should Look For in a Cleveland Metal Finishing Company 

Does your industry require high-quality metal parts? If so, you want to invest in the best metal finishing company for your supplies. Most machines and their parts are made from various metals like steel, copper, and lead. Each of these metals has unique properties that make them ideal for specific applications, and each metal also has a weakness. Metal finishing is a great way to diminish these weaknesses while bringing out the best qualities of metal.

You want your machines to have the best metal parts to support operations. To do so, you need to partner with the best metal finishing company. Read more below about the process of metal finishing, its applications, and where to find a Cleveland metal finishing company. 


What is Metal Finishing?

screws coated by a metal finishing company Metal finishing is the process of applying a metal coating to the surface of a metallic part, also known as a substrate. Metal finishing also includes the process of cleaning, polishing, or generally improving the appearance and durability of a metal surface. For specific applications, metal finishing can also include electroplating, which is the process of applying metal ions to a substrate through an electric current. Metal finishing and plating are used interchangeably. The metal finishing industry includes a wide variety of processes, so find a metal finishing company equipped to meet your expectations. 


Purpose of Metal Finishing | Cleveland Metal Finishing 

  • Clean, polish, and remove surface damages
  • Limit the effects of rust 
  • Serve as a primer coat for paint adhesion 
  • Reduce harmful friction 
  • Enhance chemical resistance 
  • Make a surface electrically conductive
  • Increase solderability
  • Improve the appearance of the part 


Three Common Uses of Metal Finishing 

Medical Industry 

stethoscope made by a metal finishing company The medical industry is dependent on a metal finishing company for medical equipment. Specific medical devices like stethoscopes are essential for evaluating patients. The metal finish of the stethoscope should be smooth on both ends, as a nurse or doctor touches one end while the patient touches the other. A metal finishing company helps ensure strict sanitation, reliability, and ergonomic equipment with metal finishing. Metal finishing also helps prevent corrosion and bacteria from forming. 

Technology Industry

We hardly realize the number of metal components we use in daily life. Phones, computers, fridges, and coffee machines all have metal finishing incorporated into their manufacturing process. The most common metal finish used in the technology is the aluminum anodizing process. This metal finishing process is what gives iPhones their metal color and consistent appearance. 



A metal finishing company is responsible for the different metal-plating options you find in necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Metal finishing is used to change jewelry’s color for the desired appearance or a simple polish. Rhodium plating, gold plating, and silver plating are also common metal finishing processes. 


Why Choose a Metal Finishing Company?

nuts processed by a metal finishing company A Cleveland metal finishing company is the best choice for your metal parts supplier. If you work with metal machines or pieces that do not have a high-quality metal finish, there is a higher risk for rust and damage. This will cost you more money over time as you have to continuously replace your metal parts.

When you’re looking for a metal finishing company, consider their turnaround times, finishing options, and price. Cost-efficiency is important for any business owner. You want to invest in a metal finishing company that will provide parts that will last for a fair price. Contact your local Cleveland finishing company for the best rates and information.