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Everything You Need to Know about Adding a Glass Staircase to Your Space

A glass staircase is a stand-out design feature that elevates the aesthetics of a home due to its transparency, customization, and longevity. Depending on your vision, you can customize your staircase glass design to fit your aesthetic preferences.

Installing a glass staircase or glass stair panels is a significant job that requires the help of experts in the glass industry. Because floating stair treads will receive plenty of foot traffic, the glass used is built stronger and more durable. With a reliable glass staircase installer, you will be able to ensure your new stairs are up to code and 100% safe and ready for walking.

But before you incorporate a glass staircase into your home design, there are some details you will need to work out. Before you know it, you’ll have glass stair landing panels that enhance the look of your home, and add a stand-out design feature you won’t find anywhere else.

Dimensions and Installation

In order to buy glass staircase, you will need to determine the exact location and dimensions of this design feature. Depending on the size of your home, the floating stair tread brackets will need to be sized differently. Obviously, the bigger the glass staircase, the more expensive the project will be.

glass staircase- floating stair treadsWhen it comes to installation of a glass staircase, keep in mind that it is an extremely delicate process. Before you move forward with a company who sells glass stair floating panels, ask about installation and how much guidance you will receive with this process. There are detailed glass staircase installation guides that exist for this exact reason: to give you the easiest, smoothest installation possible.

Before installing floating stair treads, ensure that all surfaces are completely clean and free of oil, grease, adhesives, or any other foreign substance. If you notice that part of your home needs to be painted or refinished, it’s best that you do this before installing custom glass stairs, as this will allot for the easiest process. By smoothing out the details of dimensions and installation, you are setting yourself up for a successful glass staircase design.


A critical decision in installing glass stair landing panels is the level of transparency you desire. Glass staircases are attractive to homeowners because they allow natural light flow. However, just because there is natural light present, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice privacy.

Before installing a glass staircase, talk to the manufacturer about what type of glass you want to use. Maybe you want a staircase glass design that comes in standard glass, which radiates a blue/green hue. Or, maybe you want low-iron glass for a crystal clear look. There are also options for colored glass staircases that can be customized to fit your vision, as well as silk screening that is applied to glass stair panels for added texture.

The options for custom glass stairs may vary based on the manufacturer, but you will certainly have a chance to choose how transparent you want the glass to be. That way, you can feel safe and comfortable using your new glass staircase.

Custom Glass Stairs and More | Other Opportunities

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Finally, consider other opportunities in your home for glass design. In addition to staircase glass design, many glass block companies also sell blocks for decks, windows, and accent walls.

Glass is increasingly being used in homes and buildings for its unique look and advanced functionality, as it can shed natural light into previously untapped spaces. So before you invest in a glass staircase, you should also consider other ways glass blocks and panels can enhance your home.