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You’re already familiar with their work as a top manufacturer of safety wire. Malin provides many industries with effective safety wiring products that move their industry to the next level. They design their safety wire to keep fasteners as tight and secure as possible. These positive locking devices are important for maintaining safety standards, especially in high-stakes aerospace applications.

As one of their unique approaches to preserve their quality product, Malin color codes each of their safety wire types with recyclable, polyethylene containers:

  • Blue canisters contain Malin’s famous Stainless-steel safety wire.
  • Yellow canisters contain Inconel safety wire.
  • Organ canisters contain oxidized Inconel safety wire.
  • Red canisters contain Monel safety wire.

Malin Co. safety wire canisters won’t degrade like paper canisters. These canisters also protect your lock wire from grease and corrosive materials. In addition, Malin Co. offers safety wire in spools, coils, and bulk purchase options to fulfill your needs. This innovative packaging is just one of many approaches Malin takes on to set itself apart and move forward into the age of technology.

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Malin is the world’s leading supplier of safety wire with clients all over the globe. Their worldwide success made it crucial to ensure that their quality product was easily accessible, even when their impressive wire drawing facility closes down for the night. No matter where you are in the world or what application your safety wire needs to fill, you need a reliable source for safety wire and wire products on your schedule.

Having an online resource for Malin’s top-of-the-line safety wire that lets their customers shop whenever they want is an innovative next step. Unlike their competitors, Malin never puts tradition over improvement when their customers need a better way.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for industrial manufacturers that have been as successful as Malin to resist change. Traditions are important, and the way they’ve manufactured their high-quality safety wire products works better when they follow through with those traditions. But when the world needs them to provide better service to more of their clients when and where they need it, the online wire shop delivers.

Malin Has Quality Safety Wire When You Need It

Malin Wire Co. is already known for reliable and honest service. Keeping their promises is one of the many secrets to their successful safety wire business. Many customers might be concerned that that shift to an online safety wire shop might make this level of service more difficult, but Malin is excited to share their confidence in the new streamlined ordering system. You’ll be able to place safety wire orders quickly and easily with all the same customizable options that were previously offered.

Having their products available online means the wire drawing technicians can spend more time producing and packing your order to your exact specifications, which means more consistent lead times than ever before. Next time you need to order high-quality safety wire on your schedule, trust the experts at Malin and their one-of-a-kind online shop.

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Malin is the leading wire supplier of safety wire, lock wire, tag wire, and straightened cut-to-length wire. Since 1884, Malin Company has produced high-quality safety wire for use in many applications. From aerospace machinery to hardware wholesale companies, Malin Co. is a number-one source of safety wire products.

For high-quality wire products when and where you need them, check out Malin’s new online shop today.