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About Cameron B. Pedro Attorney at Law: Fighting for Fair Results

Cameron B. Pedro has provided expert legal counsel for civil, criminal, and traffic matters.  First and foremost, he leads the way as a premier resource for divorce lawyer Brunswick; family is the top priority.  This dedicated attorney knows the law, as well as the Northeast Ohio community, inside and out.  Legal action of any type impacts families and their resources. For this reason, Cameron B. Pedro puts family first in criminal defense matters, bankruptcy issues, and of course, family law.  Cameron B. Pedro has represented Ohio families for more than fifteen years. For a dependable divorce lawyer Brunswick, turn to Cameron B. Pedro. 

Divorce Lawyer Brunswick: An Asset to the Families of the City

Above all else, Cameron Pedro recognizes his role in relieving their clients’ stress in the divorce process.  As a result of this dedication, he commits to speed up clients’ divorce processes, and secure fair outcomes. He can help you divide assets and make any necessary spousal support arrangements.  Cameron Pedro realizes the potential for lasting emotional damage the divorce process carries. It is for this reason he does all he can to lessen the emotional impact of the divorce process. For a reliable divorce lawyer Brunswick, count on Cameron B. Pedro. 


Other Legal Services From Cameron B. Pedro: Civil, Criminal, and Traffic

In addition to Cameron B. Pedro’s status as a leading divorce lawyer Brunswick, he offers counsel for other family law matters, criminal defense, and bankruptcy cases; above all, he prioritizes family no matter the situation.

Other Family Law Areas and Services

The divorce process is difficult, though it becomes even more complex when there are children in the mix.  Regardless, clients count on Cameron Pedro because of his renowned empathy.  In addition, he provides legal help for those trapped within dangerous family dynamics.  He works to ensure their clients gain protection orders, abuse compensation and other assistance for domestic violence issues.  

  • Domestic abuse
  • Civil protection orders
  • Child support, custody, and visitation


Criminal Defense Areas 

Notably, Cameron B. Pedro empathizes with his clients and recognizes the impact criminal charges and punishments can make upon families.  Rather than dreading the process, he shows a willingness to go to trial and a distinct attention to detail.  Cameron Pedro  has significant trial experience, and the expertise to guide clients every step of the way.

  • DUI
  • OVI
  • Juvenile defense
  • and more


Bankruptcy Areas and Services

Additionally, Cameron Pedro provides assistance in negotiation with creditors, debt consolidation, and determining steps in the bankruptcy process.  Connect with Cameron Pedro today to find out more information about debt relief and bankruptcy options.  

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Debt relief agency


Getting In Touch With Cameron Pedro: Find out How He Can Help You.  


Another advantage of  working with Cameron Pedro is his office’s 24/7 phone availability.  Call today to gain as much information from a reliable divorce attorney Brunswick as possible before heading to court.  Also, prospective clients can reach out for a free initial consultation for premier bankruptcy law and criminal defense services and move at least one step forward in the divorce process.    


329 W. Liberty St

Medina, OH 44256

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Phone: 330-722-6200


Cameron Pedro and Advan Design: A Partnership


Many decisions comprise the divorce process, but most importantly, individuals and families seeking divorce lawyer Brunswick should connect with Cameron B. Pedro.  Before anything else, he commits to producing the best possible results for clients.  Similarly, Advan Design’s professionals dedicate themselves to producing optimal growth for clients, as well.  At Advan Design, we are thankful for our partnership with Cameron Pedro.  Our clients’ businesses grow as a result of our exclusive search engine optimization, graphic design, social media marketing and other services.  We are a full-service marketing agency and commit to fostering the growth of Northeast Ohio businesses.  To learn more about the family, bankruptcy, and criminal defense law services Cameron Pedro can offer you, visit www.pedrolaw.com.  In addition, you can find information about Cameron Pedro’s work on the Advan Design blog.