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About Copperloy by JH Industries | New and Used Yard Ramps

Have you and your team been searching for quality used yard ramps? When an investment for brand new equipment simply is not realistic for your business or facility count on Copperloy for an affordable and durable used solution. With a range of ramps available, sizes, specifications, and weight capacities there’s sure to be a specific model for your facility needs and at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses expect safety, reliability, and efficiency from products when investing in material handling equipment. Copperloy leads the loading dock equipment industry and provides cost-effective material handling solutions. The Twinsburg, Ohio facility uses the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) and robotic technology to produce quality results.

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Organizations across numerous fields can turn to Copperloy for durable portable loading docks, used yard ramps, hydraulic docks, and so much more. Copperloy’s exclusive equipment serves a broad range of industries. Some of these fields include heavy machinery, metal processing, plastics machinery, military and defense, and so much more. Count on Copperloy for quality used yard ramps.

Copperloy by JH Industries has over six decades of material handling equipment manufacturing and design expertise. You can count on Copperloy by JH Industries to provide durable used yard ramps, edge of dock levelers, and wheel chocks that make your business more efficient. Copperloy’s national distribution network spans the 48 contiguous United States of America.

No matter the location or reach of your business, Copperloy’s used yard ramp and other products can streamline your space and pace.  Above all, Copperloy values quality and durability when it comes to manufacturing.      

Used Yard Ramps from Copperloy by JH Industries: Saving Money Without Sacrificing Durability

Check out the team’s wide variety of used yard ramps to see how you could benefit from the same durability at a much lower cost than their new yard ramps. Give Copperloy a call at (800) 321-4968 to discuss the number of used yard ramps in stock, as well as ramp sizes, specifications, and weight limits.  Copperloy’s experts can help you determine the right used yard ramps for your situation and give you a quote. 

Copperloy used yard ramps are factory certified and guaranteed just the same as their new yard ramps. Customers receive the same durability at a much lower price. Specifically, customers who opt for used installation benefit from the same safety features that come standard for new Copperloy pieces.

Access to ramps by forklift is commonly difficult for many warehouses. The Copperloy team has put significant effort into solving this prevalent issue. The 8-foot level off is one of the many features that makes ramp access much simpler and safer.

Many yard ramps place the hydraulic hand pump in a less-than-convenient location. Copperloy, however, has eliminated this problem. The team has addressed the issue by placing the hand pump on the outside of their used yard ramps. In this location, the pump is protected from dirt and damage and is much easier to operate.

Copperloy’s low end plate and 7-inch safety curb both greatly improve the loading and unloading process. Firstly, the low end plate is shorter than the wheelbase of a forklift. This allows the front wheels to reach the grating while the back wheels remain firmly and safely on the ground. Secondly, the 7-inch safety curb prevents runoff. When combined, these two features significantly improve forklift ramp access.

Many forklift ramps in the industry have air-filled tires, which require consistent refilling and maintenance. This is an unnecessary drain on company resources, and Copperloy works to enhance efficiency as much as possible. Thus, the team installs all ramps with solid/pneumatic tires with lubricated bearings. These tires are virtually maintenance-free. Connect with the Copperloy team today to learn more.

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Custom Steel Fabrication and Design from Copperloy by JH Industries

In addition to the supply of quality used yard ramps, Copperloy offers exclusive custom steel fabrication and design services. First, Copperloy’s dedicated engineering and design experts work from customers’ existing CAD drawings or produce their own. Next, designers create three-dimensional images to create plans.

Then, the Copperloy team gets going on production. The Twinsburg, Ohio headquarters has the capability to cut, weld, burn, machine and paint projects of any magnitude all in-house. There are endless possibilities when it comes to supplementing the Copperloy used yard ramp in your workspace.

Investing in used yard ramps may leave more room for committing to newer material handling equipment for your facility. For example, Copperloy has customized rebar pallets, rail boards, dock to ground ramps, pit mount dock lifts, lift tables, tilt tables and more. The expert team of manufacturers and industrial designers of the Copperloy team will work to ensure your custom project meets the standards of your industry and of your specific workplace. To learn more about used yard ramps and other installations from Copperloy, simply visit today.