How Can I Find Reliable Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Solutions?

Choose the Best Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Solutions for Your Space

Not even the most safety-minded business leaders anticipate office fires. When flames build and smoke spreads, your fire extinguisher is where you turn for protection. The worst time to discover defects in your fire extinguishers and other pieces of safety equipment is in the event of an emergency. However, you have the power to prevent last-minute panic when you commit to consistent fire extinguisher barcode inspection in your facility.

Barcode-driven inspection software is an alternative to conventional manual inspections that is not only more convenient, but minimizes the risk of human error jeopardizing an inspection. The technology provides the ideal solution for facilities maintaining any number of workplace safety assets.

When teams implement barcode-driven software, they cut down on inspection times, minimize paper waste, and have more time to allocate to other areas of a business rather than focusing attention on manual safety inspections.

Why Are Regular Fire Extinguisher Safety Inspections So Important?

It’s easy to procrastinate or come up with an excuse, but fire extinguisher inspections are essential to the safety of a workplace. Regular extinguisher inspections ensure your equipment functions properly and keep your facility compliant with all applicable codes and other regulations.

An inspection often makes the difference between a small fire and a larger emergency. It isn’t always easy to identify damage to a fire extinguisher as it occurs; defects are often subtle. However, when you stay consistent with inspections, you ensure that extinguishers will work in the event of an emergency.

To comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, extinguishers should undergo short visual checks on a monthly basis and comprehensive inspections on an annual basis. Professional inspections aid in preventing the frustration and costs that come with repairs and replacements.

How Can I Find Reliable Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Solutions?

How Will Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software Help Me?

If consistent fire extinguisher inspections are so important, then why wouldn’t you use the most advanced technology possible to keep your space safe and up to code? While pen and paper inspections are often easy, and software suites meet most basic needs, manual checks simply leave too much room for mistakes and certain software packages limit teams in their pursuit of code compliance and safety.

Where the alternatives hold teams back, barcode-driven inspection software allows companies to facilitate follow-up actions with ease, and provides convenient access to all inspection documentation. The technology also speeds up inspection processes for a range of workplace safety assets.

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Implement InspectNTrack Inspection Software

When your fire extinguisher barcode inspection procedures waste time, you not only slow down business operations, but also put yourself and your employees at risk. Do you need to find top-quality fire extinguisher barcode inspection technology? Teams from across the tech, automotive manufacturing, and higher education fields along with other sectors choose InspectNTrack mobile inspection software to speed up safety inspections and add value to facilities of all kinds.

What is InspectNTrack technology? This barcode-driven technology allows business leaders to schedule, track, and document a wide range of safety inspection and maintenance tasks. Along with fire extinguishers, teams use the software to inspect fire pumps, eyewash stations, exit signs, emergency lights, vent hoods, and more.

The technology accepts existing and new 1-D, 2-D, and manufacturers’ barcodes along with QR codes. Users are able to swap out damaged barcodes in the field with ease.

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 10, the technology suits nearly any facility. InspectNTrack customers also have the advantage of cloud hosting; this eliminates the need to maintain expensive servers. Use your team’s current set of mobile devices or choose from a complete selection of InspectNTrack’s durable, enterprise-grade hardware options.

Visit the InspectNTrack company website at today to find out more about the technology and request a free demo for your facility.