Need A Selection Of Cranes To Rent? You’re In Luck!

Find A Crane Rental Service That’s Right For You

When it comes to finding the right crane rental service, you want to start with finding a company with a wide selection. The more cranes you have to choose from, the better chance you have at finding the right match. Or, if you need multiple cranes, getting all the equipment you need from a single supplier is efficient and streamlines your project.

If you’re looking for crane rental service in Ohio with a wide selection, you’re in luck. General Crane Rental, LLC, has a range of cranes that are fit for different projects. Whether you need a mobile crane, a heavy hauler, or a rough-terrain crane, you’ll find it at General Crane.

Let’s take a look at a few options available through this crane rental service.

Truck Cranes

A truck crane can be mounted directly on top of the truck. This is a great crane rental for long distance travel, because these cranes can travel at high speeds. If you need to move a crane between several job sites, this is the crane for the job.

Truck cranes are known for their versatility, and are used in construction, tree trimming, freight transportation, bridge construction, and more. If you have a high-mobility job, this is the crane for you.

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Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-terrain cranes offer superior control and steering for traveling through rough, off-road locations. As you can guess based off of the name, rough-terrain cranes are most commonly used at off-road sites. They are designed with four large rubber tires that improve maneuverability and stability while traveling over rough terrain. 

If your normal vehicle or standard truck crane won’t cut it on your job site, this crane will. General Crane Rental is happy to offer certified rough-terrain cranes with superior control and steering, so you’ll have the stability you need no matter what the job needs.

Crawler Crane Rental

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are a specialized form of lifting equipment that can travel over most surfaces, except softer soils. These cranes are ideal for lifting heavy loads, because they can move while holding a load.

Crawler cranes move slow and are extremely heavy, so they aren’t right for every job site. They also cannot transport themselves between jobs, so you’ll need special equipment to move them. The crane rental service at General Crane has crawler crane specialists you can talk to about crawler cranes if you think this is the right choice for you.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are designed to lift workers to heights where they can complete construction. You’ve likely seen boom trucks for maintenance such as power line work, window washing, and tree trimming.

Boom trucks help workers lift heavier objects from the ground to the elevated location, so they are extremely versatile. They also have flatbeds for transporting equipment and other items to and from a work site, and can travel at highway speeds. There’s a reason boom trucks are a popular choice for most job sites.

About General Crane Rental, LLC

General Crane Rental, LLC, is a top crane rental service operating out of Macedonia, Ohio. Their diverse crane selection means there’s something for every job, no matter what you need.

In addition to offering top-of-the-line crane equipment, General Crane has outstanding service offered to all customers. They offer free on-site job analysis from their licensed and certified operators, oilers, and mechanics. There’s a reason that so many industries rely on General Crane Rental when they need reliable equipment and great service. 

If you’re ready to invest in a crane rental service that you won’t regret, then visit or call 330-908-0001 today.

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