What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Attorney?

If you are struggling with physical or mental disabilities that prevent you from working, then applying for social security disability or supplemental security income may be the best option for you.

Social security disability is meant to aid those who cannot perform meaningful work due to a physical or mental disability. This disability has to last or be expected to last at least a year, unless it’s expected to result in death. Unfortunately, these benefits can take a long time to receive, and it helps to have a good understanding of SSD/SSI so you know how to navigate the process. That’s where a social security attorney near me can help.

Hiring a social security attorney near me is a great way to seek professional help and support during the social security disability process. When you or a loved one is already struggling to deal with an ailment, it’s even more stressful to organize paperwork, prepare a claim, and keep up with the changing rules and guidelines of social security.

If you’re looking for a social security attorney in Canton, Ohio, here’s what you can expect.

Filing For Social Security Disability

When you first file for SSD or SSI benefits, you’ll have to fill out an initial application. With the help of a social security attorney in Canton, Ohio, this step will go much faster. In fact, certain law firms are allowed to fill out an initial application on your behalf once they have your paperwork and have done an initial phone call with you to review your case.

Unfortunately, most applications for social security disability are denied and then taken to the appeals process. At this stage, you will have to file a request for reconsideration. A social security attorney near me is an extremely valuable resource for filing this request, because they can help gather medical records and other evidence to support your need for SSD. 

The most important message to communicate to the SSD office is that you are unable to work due to your disability. Because this is a significant claim, it usually takes more than a single document to prove. A social security attorney in Canton, Ohio, can help you gather the most important documents and information to present the most truthful, compelling case possible.

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Have Support During A Social Security Hearing

If your claim makes it to the hearing process, a social security attorney near me will fight to get you what you’re owed. Keep in mind that this hearing is not like a traditional trial, meaning it is less formal and is focused on giving you the opportunity to present your case to a judge. Having legal representation at this stage is imperative, because it statistically gives you a higher chance of receiving SSD benefits.

If you’re unsure about hiring a social security attorney near me, know that these attorneys are on your side. When you work with the team at Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm, you’ll have support and professionalism from day one. 

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The Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm has served the Northeast Ohio community for more than 40 years with top-notch legal representation. Their social security attorneys in Canton, Ohio, are proud to serve working people looking to get SSD. 

In addition to Canton, Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law also served Akron, Ravenna, and Medina with premier legal services. They focus on cases involving social security disability, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits, and evaluation of all legal matters. When you need a social security attorney near me who will fight for you, this is the firm to call.

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